Friday, July 1, 2011

Halloween Birthday Parties For Preschoolers

Halloween birthday parties for toddlers and preschoolers are easy to plan and lots of fun for the kids. Attendees get two for the price of one and that makes it twice as fun.

When you plan your child's Halloween birthday party you are guaranteed a successful outcome if you keep in mind the three components of the event in order of importance:

1. It is an event for preschoolers and very young children. Like any event designed around toddlers and preschoolers, you want to design it around their strengths and limitations. That means tailoring the event to their inquisitiveness and short attention spans.

The party itself should not run more than two hours. Plan activities in blocks of no more than twenty minutes each, limiting guests to one activity at a time. That will keep the pace lively enough to satisfy short attention spans.

2. A Halloween birthday party is, at its core, a birthday party. Make sure that that message is conveyed from the start.

Invitations should state clearly that this is a birthday party.

Avoid scheduling the party on October 31st, so your guests do not have to make a choice between attending the party or going out trick-or-treating.

The birthday cake - and there ought to be one - should be at the center of the table.

Everything else should come to a halt when it is time to gather round the birthday cake, blow out the candles and sing Happy Birthday.

The idea here is to keep the focus on the guest of honor whose birthday can easily get lost in the excitement of the Halloween holiday.

3. The party takes place on or near Halloween.

Use the surrounding Halloween holiday to your advantage. There is no need to search for a party theme; Halloween is your theme and appropriate decorations are everywhere.

If you have covered the first two bases, then you are free to immerse yourself into the holiday. So tell the kids AND the parents to dress in costume.

Serve Halloween themed foods (normal party food dressed up for the occasion-no need to get fancy for this age group) and plan Halloween themed music and games.

Planning a Halloween party for the little ones? Visit for ideas on how to have a smashing Halloween party for pre-schoolers and other young children. Ellen Zucker has entertained at hundreds of parties and special events of all kinds since 1995. or (215) 722 2453

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