Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Throw a Woodstock Halloween Costume Party

To continue honoring the 40th anniversary of the famous rock fest, throw a Woodstock Halloween costume party. The possibilities for creative ideas using this theme are endless.

First and foremost you would definitely need a prize for the best costume. The outfits from Woodstock were colorful and varied. Vests, fringe, striped pants, long skirts, flowing blouses and sandals were the look. Just putting an outfit together would be a hoot. You could go as one of the featured performers (i.e. Jimi Hendrix), a flower child, a war protester or simply a hazy hippie. Perhaps you could get some friends to join you and go as a complete band such as The Who or The Grateful Dead. Just remember, there was lots and lots of hair, headbands, beads, weird glasses and peace signs on the scene.

The main feature of your party would, of course, have to be the music. Continuous songs by Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Joe Cocker and numerous others should be playing in the background. You could even have a "Name that Tune" contest with music from the three days of peace, love and music or play a "Where Are They Now" trivia game. Surely someone would know whatever happened to Sly and the Family Stone band!

Anything you need to decorate for your party could be found at your nearest Dollar Store. Remember, the more psychedelic the better. Rainbows of crepe paper and plastic flowers should be perfect. Beads draped over lampshades and hanging from doorways. Move anything retro you have front and center and throw a few tie dyed pieces around.

Great memories were made that day in rock history and you can add your own unique touches to create even more great memories for your friends. Show your love and throw a party!

For more great ideas for a Woodstock Halloween costume party.

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