Monday, July 18, 2011

Need A New Party Idea? How About A Dress Up Costume Party

A dress up costume party is not only unique, but adds a lot of flair to an otherwise plain, same old - same old, get together. It separates the true spirited people from the mundane.

You have an endless list of themes that could be used for your dress up costume party. First, most people think of what holidays may be approaching when they choose a theme. Halloween is one great example. Everyone loves Halloween dress up costume parties. I know people that start decorating for Halloween in September. They start removing their usual decorations like candles, flower arrangements and vases and bring out the skulls, the cauldrons, the dry ice for the cauldrons, the cob webs, the witches candles, the scary sounds DVDs and transform their home into Halloweenland. I am not kidding!

Christmas is another. You could have a house full of Mr. and Mrs. Santas and their elves. Don't forget and leave out the reindeer. They like a party too.

But what other themes can you use for a dress up costume party?

A scavenger hunt is a great party idea. But add a twist. Make it a rule that everyone has to wear a dress up costume, like pajamas, for instance! If any of you guys have been wanting to dress up like Hugh Hefner, here's your chance. Also, does anyone know where to get bunny slippers in adult sizes? You will have to give everyone a little more time to complete their list since they will have to explain to a lot of people why they are out in their pajamas trying to find crazy items on their list. Always make sure each team has a designated driver. No exceptions. You will not be allotted enough time to explain to the nice officer why you have five people in your vehicle dressed in pajamas.

I attended an "Andy of Mayberry" party once. Everyone got to choose which character from the show they would dress as. The host rented an antique squad car and parked it on the front lawn. Every room had a tv with different episodes of the show playing on them. They had used the shows cookbook for the food. Can you tell that I am from the South? The Andy Griffith show is held in very high esteem here.

A "Mash 4077th" party should appeal to the baby boomers in the crowd. Many choices of dress up costume ideas here. Some of you guys could have an interesting evening should you choose a "Klinger" costume. You'll be guaranteed to be the hit of the party.

Remember that a dress up costume party requires planning.

Your guest will need to have enough time to assemble their costumes. They may have to order them online or find a local store that carries what they need to complete their "look". There are many creative ways to pull together a dress up costume. My costume for the "Andy of Mayberry" party came from the local thrift shop. A great place to find vintage clothing. The Army Navy store was perfect for the "Mash 4077th" event. Camo to go!

You will also need enough time to get your decorations and props assembled also. It doesn't have to be expensive, just be creative and it'll be a hit.

A very popular look for this Halloween is wearing a gothic costume.

Find some great ideas for a dress up costume party at

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