Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your Halloween, Let Us All Use Lateral Thinking To Come Up With Awesome Party Ideas

Halloween is definitely the time for fun parties. There are a lot of old and rusty ideas that one can apply to celebrate their Halloween party, but I think it would be good to have some ideas using lateral thinking, ideas that might sound stupid but when applied would definitely be really much liked by your friends and their families. With the list of your friends and family members who you are going to call will get you in the right direction to plan out the party.

Your Halloween party must be different from the different parties that you have attended so far, as this should be the purpose of our lateral thinking to come up with something different. First of all, in your invitation it must be mentioned that every individual must be wearing costumes along with makeup that would add reality to their character. The chilling moment lies in the fact that when the first guest or guests arrives at your place, they will not find anyone home and will roam around and call your name and you will be standing as a statue in any corner of your home where you feel would scare them in dim light.

With the guests coming to your home for Halloween party, they will be just getting added up to the big surprise where guests will find no one when they enter the home and then they will find statues and when they try to touch any of you who are posing as statues, you can just move your eyes, which will scare them and then you can prepare them to surprise the other guests. Just make sure that those people who are suffering from any medical ailments such as heart problems must not be played upon like that. With this, I think you can come up with many awesome ideas with your lateral thinking for Halloween party.

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