Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Kids Halloween Birthday Party - When Your Child's Birthday Falls on October 31

I had a friend who was born on October 31st. Yes, October 31st is Halloween and, yes, I did tease her about it now and then.

Celebrating a birthday that falls on or near Halloween can be tricky. Just like people whose birthdays fall near Christmas, there is the danger that the holiday overpowers the birthday. And that can be tough for a child.

But on the other hand, it also means that the whole world is having a party on your birthday - now that is not so bad, eh?

If your child was born on or near Halloween, it is easy to combine a birthday party with a Halloween party. It makes your life a little easier, because you are planning one party instead of two. Just think of the birthday party as one with a Halloween theme and you get the idea.

To prevent Halloween from overpowering the event, make the guest of honor the primary focus of attention. It is his birthday and he (or she) is king.

Decor, plates and utensils can have a Halloween flavor--there is certainly enough readily available at this time of year at your local party store or online. But make sure you highlight traditional birthday food and activities.

It is a birthday, so there are birthday presents and a birthday cake and candles. But the cake can be decorated with orange icing and made to look like a pumpkin's face. Or if your little one prefers chocolate, use the dark brown background as a background to draw with orange icing for pumpkins or white for ghosts.

As for activities, aside from opening gifts, singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles, you can use any craft or game idea that picks up on a Halloween theme.

The upshot? Combining a birthday party with Halloween gives kids the best of both worlds and the best of two fun holidays.

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