Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Throw a Halloween Party

During Fall there are many Halloween parties to attend. Instead of just taking the kids trick or treating you may want to gather all your friends and family and throw your own party. But just where do you start? Follow this step by step guide that will show you exactly how to throw a Halloween party that will make you the envy of all your friends.

The first thing that you need to do is choose a date and time for your party. The most obvious choice would be on Halloween itself. So if you want to secure this date, make arrangements and send invitations out early as there may be many other parties going on at the same time. My personal preference is to hold a kids party that starts at 4pm and finishes at 5.30pm. The kids then go trick or treating for an hour or so after the party.

If you are throwing a Halloween party for teenagers or adults then you will want the party to start much later. You may also be clashing with many other parties later in the evening as this is when most companies or groups tend to throw parties for workers or members and their families. An alternative date would be an evening on the weekend before or after Halloween.

Once you have found a time a date to suit you a location for the party is next on the list. Are you going to throw the Halloween party at your home or garden or are you going to rent out a hall (essential if you have loads of guests and a small house). It may be wise to draft up a guest list to help you decide on a location for the party as then you will have more of an idea of the space you will need.

Now onto the invitations. You can either buy ready made Halloween invitations or you can have some fun making your own. I always prefer to make my own as you can be sure that no one else will be the same. I usually use a word processor and some spooky Halloween clip art. It is also fun to put a little verse in whilst still giving all the party details:

"BOO, (guests name)!

Calling all witches, ghouls and ghosts on the eve of Halloween when the moon is full, at precisely (time of party) there will be a celebration of spooktastic proportions at the haunted house of (hosts name and address).

Trick or Treat? RSVP to (name and number)"

Once all the invitations are out it is time to start planing the rest of the party. Buying or making decorations and food and planning the entertainment. Oh, and don't forget your Halloween costume. There are so many choices that it might be hard to know where to start. If your creative then make your own costume to make sure its different to everyone else as I'm sure you will have a lot of witches all from the same coven!

Decorations fill many stores each falls and you can go overboard with the spook-tacular items on display. Try and think of your house (or other party location) as a haunted house and decorate as such. Ideas would include blacking out the windows, throwing white sheets over the furniture, hanging up cobwebs and fake bats and spiders and playing spooky music. Have a fog machine in your front yard and also some fake tombstones.

Use regular party food but give them gruesome names like dirt and worm pie, eyeball trifle or mummified hot dogs. Don' forget the witches or blood bath brew!

Keep everyone entertained with some spooky Halloween music and a costume competition. But you can also try some of these horrifying games:

Pass The Orange - Players stand in line and take turn to pass the orange to the next player via their chin. Arms must be behind backs and the players that drop the orange are out of the game and must do a forfeit of your choice!
Bobbing Apples - The traditional game of apple catching with your hands behind your back.
The Mummifier - Divide the teens into groups of 3 or 4 with a couple of toilet rolls each. One person must volunteer to be the 'mummy' and the others must race against the clock to mummify that person using the toilet roll. The fastest team wins.
Ghost Stories - Sit in a circle with the lights off and using a torch point the beam at each teen in turn to see who can tell the spookiest story for a real scary Halloween party idea for teenagers.
Pumpkin Toss - Using a cleaned out pumpkin get the girls to throw small plastic bats and spiders into the pumpkin. Whoever gets them into the pumpkin wins.
Pin the Nose on the Witch - A simple Halloween party game idea game using a large poster of a witch and a cut out witches nose. Who can be the first one to pin the witches nose in the right place.
Then finish off with some trick or treating!

Still stuck for spooktastic ideas well take some advice from the Pink Heaven Party Angel on Halloween party ideas for kids or Halloween party ideas for teenagers and you will soon be throwing the most devilish Halloween party in town!

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