Friday, July 22, 2011

Putting Up Halloween Decoration Is Fun

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of my family. I know a lot of people don't enjoy it. but we get a big kick out of all of the activities involved in Halloween. We love dressing up in costumes. decorating the house in a spooky fashion. and just generally having fun together. Decorating the house is our favorite part. All of the funny. spooky things you can get to decorate your house with makes it a ball. Take spiders. Normally. I don't like having spiders in my home. but when I decorate for Halloween. I want the biggest. scariest ones of all hanging around.

There are a lot of ways to decorate for Halloween. with some people concentrating on witches and monsters and others concentrating on graveyard sites and zombies. We like to take a ride around town and look at all of the great decorating ideas. We have seen desolate graveyards recreated in front yards. with scary sounds and fog creeping along the ground. Use your imagination and it is scarily real. especially since you can't see the fog machines and the amplifying systems! I also like the houses that have gigantic spider webs strung across the porch. and flashing orange lights. Usually the houses that are the most decorated are the best ones to take the kids for trick or treats. These families really get into the "spirit" of things. so you can be sure they will have good treats.

There are some real diehards who decorate their houses inside and out in the Halloween theme. and even turn their homes into haunted houses. You can tell they must get a lot of enjoyment out of a project like that. because it sure is a lot of work. Most people just decorate to entertain their neighbors and for the trick or treating kids that stop by. It's a shame that so many parents don't let their children go trick or treating any more because of some of the dangers. Just a few crazy people spoiled a fun holiday for everyone.

If you are into Halloween decorating. you will not believe the amount of things you can buy today. If money were no object. you could really go wild. Party stores that sell monsters. fog machines. gravestones or just about anything else. And if that's not enough. there is an even greater selection on the internet. New weird stuff. or the old classics that we know from our childhoods. If you can think it up. you can get it.

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