Friday, July 15, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas and Costumes

I will be writing a number of articles on Halloween. Why you ask? Because it is my family and friends favorite time of the year! Let me explain what I mean when I say FAVORITE! We hold our party as close to Halloween as we can. It is a neighborhood party. Usually about 75% of our neighborhood participates in the party. We also have friends and our neighbors friends join in the fun. Each year the amount of people rises. You know you do a great job when people start talking about it in July! Our party consists of food, beverages (also BYOB) finger food and candy. We have themed costumes and contests. We spend at least a week prior to the party getting food ready and getting the decorations ready. Our number of attendees range from 40 to 60 and, like I stated earlier, grows each year.

The Food

When we prepare food for the party, it is always themed food. And, our food is usually gross! One year we had a kitty litter cake, and was so gross no one ate it! We have had chocolate mice, fried lung, fried skin, bat wings, brain, heart, monster toes, witch fingers, centipedes, bat droppings, mummy spread, swamp juice, and many, many more disgusting foods. It is real fun watching people ew and yuk at the gross looking food. But, it tastes great! Looks can be deceiving.


We try to have themes that are kid friendly as we do have a lot of children attending. As an example, one year we did a play on words. You had to think of a word or phrase and make a costume about it. One lady had a white sweat suit with candy wrappers on it and came as White Trash. A girl had a devil costume on with eggs all over it for Deviled Eggs. We had a web server, maid of money, leaf blower, red as a beet, nun of your business and loan shark. But the best (and won best costume) was I'm a Cowboy, Baby. Yup, a neighbor is a police officer (and a big guy!) and he had on cowboy boots, a western shirt, cowboy hat and a diaper! You see where the fun comes in?


We also have a ton of props. One that is a big hit is our beverage cooler. A couple years ago I was trying to figure out how to make a cooler to hold all of the BYOB that was arriving so we didn't have a ton of coolers lying around. So I hit upon the idea of making a coffin. Now this coffin is full sized, and lined with Styrofoam. It's black with a red cross on the lid. What a hit! We put a full sized skeleton in it and pack him in ice. When we start cleaning up the next day there is still ice in it, so it works great!

We also have smaller props that we use. We have tea light candle holders with witches, and black cats. We have jars with yucky liquids that I labeled to look like witches ingredients. We have a 3 foot spider and web that we string in the corner (on trick-or-treat night there is usually at least one person who gets freaked out by this). I am also the DJ and we have music for dancing, but I also include Halloween favorites like Werewolves of London, Purple People Eater and Monster Mash to name a few. After the games, dancing is usually the next round of fun. The kids are pumped up on sugar and having fun in the yard , and us adults start the REAL party!


We have games for both adults and kids, although the kids games are usually more fun! We have done the traditional such as guess the body part, but also some unique such as the spider races. We play roll the peanut and of course bobbing for apples. We have prizes for both the kids and adults.

On my Blog I will be publishing further articles. I will also include pictures on the topics I will talk about. If you see or read something of particular interest to you, just pop a comment and I will try and answer it for you. So get your Halloween face on and get the gears rolling. Have a great time this year!

Tom Johnson
Life Unscripted

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