Saturday, July 30, 2011

Three Unique Ideas For Halloween Party

Halloween party decorations are extremely important, they spark more or less the same amount of rivalry that Christmas decorations do; needless to say people will spend just about any amount of time and money it takes to make their house look like it could rival that of the Adams' family. Here are three really easy to do Halloween decoration ideas.

You've heard of a front yard full of tombstones; get white sheets and light sticks. Put them under the sheet along with a helium filled balloon. Place this prop next to each tombstone or between trees to make it look like you have a front yard full of ghosts. Place jack o' lanterns at random spots to complete the effect of a haunted cemetery and make your Halloween arrangements look like you've gone the whole nine yards.

Take different items of clothing and stuff them with newspaper. Assemble people made of the stuffed clothes in you windows and add a light. The lights should turn on and off randomly. Give the people pumpkin heads, use hats or old stuffed toys to create the head shape. It will give the effect of different people standing at the windows.

Remember how things like fluttering sheets or branches scare the hell out of you after you've seen a horror flick, Halloween is the best time to use tree branches and white sheets to decorate the house. Paint faces on sheets and use branches to give it limbs.

Put out great food for your guest, bat and pumpkin cookies are good but Halloween fruit bouquets arranged in pumpkin containers with ghosts and black cats made out of pineapple slices are even better!

Unique fruit and delicious Halloween arrangements, make your Halloween party special. Halloween fruit baskets are incredible Halloween table centerpieces.

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