Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homemade Halloween Party Decorations - Fun and Easy

Halloween is one of those times of the year when children enjoy getting as creative as they want, creating what they consider funny, or scary decorations, and nobody can say any different. It is also a time when families can get together to make a variety of different holiday themes, from costume parties, get-togethers, and every one helps in the decorating.

There are many party decorations that are fun and easy to do. One of them is making giant, or monster foot prints out of large cheap sponges. You can use stencils, or just free hand with markers, cut out the shape of the foot print, and use a shallow pan with some non toxic washable paint, and make footprints going up to your door, along the wall, or just about any place else. You simply flip the sponge over to make the other foot print.

Instead of wasting a punch of pumpkins buy carving them up, use colored markers to draw faces on the outside. This is much safe for smaller children, and you can let them be as creative as you want. You can always open them up later and get the seeds out, or use them to make pumpkin pies for dessert, without the pumpkin rotting and going to waste. One unique idea, for a change of pace, is use large bell peppers to carve as Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns. You can also get them in a variety of different colors, to make things even more festive.

Another fun and cool idea is to make hanging bats from cardboard egg cartons. All you need are a few cartons, some black crafting paint, some googley eyes, and some black yarn, or invisible thread. Cut the egg holder part of the carton into four equal pieces, with three sections each, then cut the bat wings out of both sides of the end sections. Paint them black, let dry and then glue on the eyes. For the string, simply use a nail, screw or thumbtack to make a hole at the top, slide the thread through. You can tie the end around something to act as a stopper, and there you go!

You can also use Halloween shaped cookie cutters for a number of Halloween decorating ideas, not just for cutting out cookie shapes. All you need are the cutters, a washable ink marking pen, and some heavy duty construction paper, in Halloween colors. Starting at one side of the paper, trace around the cutters, until the page is filled, then cut them out. You can tape them to what ever surfaces you want, or have them hanging down as well.

There are many more Halloween party decorating ideas to choose from, many more than can be mentioned here. There are assortments of books on the subject, as well as numerous websites, 90% of which are totally free to download and print up at your leisure. There are also templates that you can order, stencils, as well as many other helpful tips and information to give you creative Halloween ideas for years to come.

For more fun and easy homemade Halloween party decorations, check out Decorate Halloween.

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