Friday, July 15, 2011

Halloween Cooking - Party Theme Tips

Creating a great Halloween-themed party is much easier than people think! Here are a few tips you can implement in your Halloween Cooking and Halloween party throwing in order to liven up the setting and create a great, spooky environment to host in.

Environment Tips -

Carved Pumpkins: This is normally well understood but plenty of people don't realize just how cool carved pumpkins can be! Have one on the doorstep, one or two in the main party area, and a few extra wherever you want! They aren't too difficult to carve, but if you don't want to spend the time making them you could have a few extra pumpkins and carving tools out for a guest to have fun with! There's bound to be someone who will take a 'stab' at carving one. Don't forget to put a small candle inside!

Decorative Bowls, Plates, and Cups: Once again a very simple idea but each little element helps bring a party together. Some people might think it's cheesy but that isn't true! It's a party and every aspect should fit the overall theme.

Don't strive for perfection: There is no such thing as a perfect party. If you enjoy setting everything up and you keep the party in a lively, high-spirited state then the party will be something to think back on and smile! Don't get caught up in the details and don't try to micromanage the whole event. Let the party flow from beginning to end.

Music: Sound will harness one of the five senses to help put people in the Halloween mood! See if you can find a few Halloween CDs to play on shuffle. Search online for "Halloween music" without the quotes and you're bound to find something interesting!

Lights: Sight is another of the five sense that you should consider when putting together a party. A few orange, green, or purple lights will help set a cool, spooky mood.

Movies: Depending on how long your party runs, you could play a movie a few hours in. Have a few movies ready and take a group vote so that your guests feel more involved in the party. Don't worry if people talk during the movie. It's a party! If you or your guests want to watch a movie without any other noise or distraction, find a more private time to watch it. For now, enjoy the social times.

Food Tips -

Food Coloring: Did you make a vanilla cake? Is there something with vanilla frosting? Use your imagination here. A bit of red and yellow food coloring will make a normal dish into an orange, Halloween themed one! A bit of red and blue will make a nice purple, which also goes well with Halloween. Remember, it's cooking. There are no rules, so go have fun and get creative.

Don't strive for perfection: For the environment as well as food, there is no such thing as a perfect Halloween party. Have fun with it!

Decorate: Use decorating gel to make a normal Cameo Creme Sandwich Cookie into a tombstone! Put eyes and a mouth on something to give it a spooky look. Before baking cupcakes or cookies, stick a few candied corns or candied pumpkins in there. After a cake has been frosted or a pie has settled, decorate with gummie worms or spiders, or use those candied corns and pumpkins! The possibilities are endless and each small element will add up for an awesome party.

Finger Foods: Cookies, mini-cupcakes, veggies and dip, chips and dip, cheese and meats and crackers. These are all great ideas for food to set out while the main dishes and desserts are prepared. Have a table set up with a variety. You can even mention when you invite guests that they are welcome to bring their own finger food or baked goods! If you want to get really organized, create a list of dishes or snacks so that people don't bring the same thing.

Drinks: Drinks are a must. Whether it's an alcohol-free night or not, people enjoy having something to sip at. Have a few regular, diet, caffeine or caffeine-free soda's so people can choose their own. You can also make your own drinks and juices for people to try! Don't be offended if someone just wants a simple water or soda. Not everyone will try what you make. Although they might be missing out something delicious, they will be content with their choice.

It's that simple! Throwing a Halloween party and creating some great Halloween Cooking is much easier than most people think. Just use your imagination, get creative, and enjoy the night.

Nick is a college student who enjoys cooking. He is very passionate about helping create a great party environment and loves learning about what helps set a great mood for a setting.

Check out his blog below to read up on throwing a great party for this upcoming Halloween!

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