Saturday, July 16, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas: Be Sure Halloween Is All Treats, And No Tricks!

More of us are looking for Halloween party ideas than ever. Though most of us remember canvassing the neighborhood on Halloween night, going from house to house, and yelling, "Trick or Treat" before receiving candy from well-trusted neighbors, in the interest of safety, Halloween parties are replacing that tradition.

Planning a Halloween party that is a fun alternative to door to door trick or treating, is very possible with just a bit of planning. While teens are best satisfied entertaining themselves, trick or treat aged children (six to twelve year olds) still like games and entertainment, so Halloween theme parties with games, food, and fun are great!

Everyone thinks games have to be new to be good, but the reason games like pumpkin decorating, costume contests, toilet paper mummy wrapping contests, ghoulish games of musical scares...ummm, chairs, and spookirifically scrumptious treats have remained so popular, is because they are good, clean Halloween party ideas that are fun for everyone.

The most important thing to remember is keep your Halloween party ideas age appropriate, enlist the aid of others to help with supervision and organization, send invitations early, ask for RSVPs, and if you don't get them, don't hesitate to call ahead of time to check with anyone who might have forgotten. Be certain to let parents know when to pick up their children, and since some adults will have Halloween parties to go to themselves, consider having a Halloween sleeping bag party complete with spooky movies and popcorn balls, but remember, some children are frightened easily, and remain alert to that possibility, perhaps even asking parents ahead of time, just in case. You might be surprised at how much the other parents will approve of this Halloween Party Idea!

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