Saturday, July 23, 2011

Halloween - Fun Costume Ideas

Halloween is around the corner and there is plenty to do, from shopping for the best party themes, to getting the fabulous trick or treats ordered and many more. But how many of us are willing to work hard to get the best costumes designed for ourselves? And am not talking about a DKNY or the likes, although brands make a head turn, but simplicity makes a head spin. So here we are with this article on some goofy ideas right from the comfort of your homes to get ideas into your heads and material in your hands to start away right now. For this Halloween should be an experience, not only for fun, but for an enterprising time where who knows you may make a lot of money as well, starting off with a boutique for costumes next year on.

We always loved the legendary stand up Ghost, all in white, with just two eyes and the scary tone. Now is the chance you could be one. if you have an old sheet in white and could cut two holes in it for eyes, then the costume is ready for you this Halloween. Make sure the length is perfect or else the Ghost in you would go tripping and tumbling rather than scaring the lights out of people.

If that is an idea you think is too simple, then get the Scary Clown costume made for yourself this time around. Check in your closet for large clothes, get them decorated using paints and markers or even glitter paper and ribbons, add on a wig of any funky color and since your costume is made from extra large clothes, get the extra space stuffed with old newspapers or tissue, make sure you relieve your nature calls before you don the costume or else it could be a mess while the jobs being done.

Another idea that you would like would be the famous Scarecrow. If you have a flannel shirt that is oversized and a pair of jeans which are faded, you then have for yourself a costume in the making. Add on a thick rope as a belt, also make sure the shirt and the jeans are well stuffed with plastic bags, straw and paper and let it dangle out of the clothes, don't forget the right make up touches which would give you the scary look.

Other funky yet fashionable ideas would be the pairing of Hawaiian shirts with large straw hats for men and loud bright polka or flower print clothes for women with straw bags. As accessories for the attire, straw bags, hanging neck maps and a camera would do, most importantly the look of being lost and spaced out in the world is a must to add to the effect. Don't forget to stock you tourist bags or straw bags with goodies and treats for the young ones around.

Now that you have a wide range of ideas to go about spooking people, we are off to check on what Transylvania fashionistas are up to with their ensembles. Maybe we could steal a few ideas from them and share with you the next year around. Have fun and spook your friends away!!

For some more fun Halloween costume ideas, visit Avatar Halloween Costumes and the Dr Evil Costume site.

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