Monday, July 25, 2011

Decorating Your House For Halloween Night

Don't have any ideas yet on how to decorate your house or apartment for Halloween night? I will give you a few.

First of all, you need to decide what do you want from Halloween this year? For example:

o You can create a spooky or scary look for your house and maybe yourself too. Or do you want to be funny and put kind of funny spooky decorations? Or maybe do you want to be weird with your ideas. Or you can combine scary stuff around with a joke at the end for your friends or family?

How much money do you want to spend for this? Is it going to be around $10 or $100? Do you want to buy a couple of Halloween pumpkins and put a broom by the entrance or hang a lots of Halloween decorations, get scary or funny masks for yourself and your household, make or buy Halloween costumes? If you have a dog or cat there are a lot's of Halloween pet costumes

o So, lets say you gonna spend a few bucks for Halloween decorations, what can you get done for a few dollars? For 1 dollar you can get a spider web. So get a few of them. They are very stretchy. Usually they look good in corners, especially corners of the ceiling, fireplaces, behind the door, on lights. Make sure you don't use those lights during the Halloween night to avoid fire hazard situations. Putting spider web on artificial plants gives dramatic look to the room. Make it as a centerpiece.

o Spending more then $50 on decorations. There are lots of ideas: starting with already carved pumpkins and crazy looking monsters in corners inside of the house as well on the yard. Like skeletons? There are tons of varieties of colors, sizes, bone or plastic ones. Some skeletons can hang on the trees around your house. Or how about moving skeleton? Br-r-r-r! I've seen those. I really like pirate skeleton. It will start to march on one place and shake your hand once you touch it in special place.

How much enthusiasm do you feel to do all this?

Do you plan to spend 15 minutes for setting all Halloween decorations or organize a Pirate party in your place with some Halloween pranks and freaky ghosts. You can organize a ball masquerade. It's all up to you.

Does not matter how far you want to go with a Halloween night you might want to check here for some specials on Halloween costumes or decorations.

I am a person who loves to perform and has a weird hobbies. I like to collect frogs, crocs... Joke. Anyway, I like many things and I have many hobbies, one of them collect silly weird things about simple things in a funny ways. I hope you got it.

Interested in more ideas for Halloween or other Party ideas? I am full of ideas for any party.

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