Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Use Halloween Sounds To Complete Your Scary Party Or Display

If you are having a Halloween party or just want to make your house scary for trick or treaters, the aesthetic gruesomeness of your house or yard can be enhanced with creepy Halloween sounds. A scream from the bushes or a witch's cackle can make any Halloween decoration come to life and scare both young and old. The sounds will captivate the youngsters as they try to figure out if they are real or a part of the make believe, macabre world that you have created. The sounds of Halloween are just as important as that blood spattered door or the dummy you have hanging in a noose in the tree in your front yard.

You can buy commercial Halloween sounds on CD or audio tape. These types of products have been around for a long time and you might remember the 33 rpm album that was a hit around Halloween time. It featured the screams of the dying, the cackle of an old woman, the howl of the wolf, and even the creaking of an old door. The audio tracks of today are a lot scarier and have more variety. In recent recordings you can hear the screech of a cat, the moan of a ghost, and the screams and torment of a devil possessed soul. There are even recordings that feature the voice and Halloween sounds of Freddy Kruger, Jason, and Michael Myers.

These recordings can be used at Halloween parties or to aid ambiance to your Halloween decorations. A good technique is to use your surround sound system outdoors. You can place the speakers outdoors in different locations so that the high and low sounds come from all around. By doing this you can see the confusion and fright in your visitors eyes as they try to see where the sound is coming from. Have the speakers placed out of site so that the sounds will sound like they are coming from your Halloween displays or the bushes. The more speakers you have the more fun it will create as the Halloween sounds creak and scream around the trick or treaters and their parents.

A unique idea for Halloween sounds is to record your own. You and your friends can really get creative as you record your scariest voices. You can do a wolf howl or a mummy's moan and record it so that it can be played at your Halloween event. Be creative and try different sounds. Bang some pots and pans and use different sound props to create a plethora of scary sounds and terrifying sound affects. Record a vicious sounding dog and play it as your guests walk by. Watch them jump as they think Cujo is about to bite a chunk of them.

Halloween sounds do not have to be limited to the gruesome utterings. You can mix your audio with Halloween songs like 'Monster Mash' and theme songs from 'The Adams Family' and 'The Munsters'. Go wild and let your imagination go wild with you. Remember sounds are as important as looks on Halloween night. Don't go all out on displays and forget your Halloween sounds.

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