Sunday, July 17, 2011

Halloween - Party Ideas for the Spooky Holiday

Halloween is many people's favorite holiday. It's the perfect time to play dress up and eat too much candy. Adults love it as much as kids do. But if you're an adult planning a party, you don't want to have a party for kids. You can do a number of things to turn your party into an adult party.

First, you can get your guests to dress as monsters from movies or books. This includes dressing like gruesome movie killers like Jason or Michael Myers. Adult can do it up right, complete with fake blood and fake weapons. It will be too scary for kids, but just right for an adult party. Anything goes as far as costumes are concerned. People can dress as zombies, vampires or anything that's frightening. The scarier everyone looks, the better it is.

Second, you can take a different route and also allow adults to dress in erotic costumes. That's certainly something you'd never see at a kid's party - or at least you shouldn't. People can show up as sexy nurses, maids, fireman, policeman and anything else that can be turned into a sexy costume.

Third, you can decorate your home like a haunted house. Even better, rent a haunted house for the event. Most cities have haunted houses that are open during the holiday. You might be able to rent it for a private party. The benefit of renting a haunted house is it will already have decorations in place. All you'll have to do is provide food, drinks and music. A good idea is to require guests to walk through the house before reaching the party area.

Halloween isn't just a kid's holiday. With a little work and imagination, you can turn the holiday into a fun time for adults as well.

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