Sunday, July 17, 2011

Halloween Wedding Favors Ideas

 A Halloween reception promises to be out of the ordinary, so be sure to send your guests off with a unique treat.  Here are some ideas for some delicious wedding favors:

Halloween Bags and Candy

Give your guests a "Trick or Treat" experience, right at your reception.  Before the party begins, place containers full of wrapped candy strategically throughout the room(s).  Have an attendant give each guest an empty bag as they enter the hall or party location.  Encourage them to fill their bag from containers of candy throughout the facility.  This not only allows guests to take home some yummy candy, but encourages them to go to different parts of the room and mix with new friends.

Containers and Candy

The possibilities are endless when you think of pretty containers to use at your Halloween wedding reception tables.  There are personalized glass jars, glassware, custom tins, and boxes, just to name a few.    Many brides choose to fill clear glass containers with candy matching their wedding colors.  While others select silver tins or covered boxes, so that they have a choice of any candy filling.

Halloween Cupcakes

Turn ordinary cupcakes into Halloween wedding favors with a few simple decorations.  Here are some ideas:

Bugs - Starting with a frosted cupcake, add gummy bugs or worms.

Gravestone - Place an oval cookie half way through the cupcake.   The Pepperidge Farms Milano sandwich cookie is a great size.  Decorate both sides with the initials R.I.P. 

Ghosts  - If you use vanilla or a light colored frosting, you can use thin pieces of black licorice to outline the shape of ghosts.  Think of an upside down "U" which will give you the ghost's body.  Use small candies for the eyes.  

Pumpkin - Use orange gel frosting to draw triangular pumpkin eyes and mouth on the cupcakes.  Wrap each cupcake in a clear bag and tie it with a ribbon.

Spooky Brownies

This recipe by Betty Crocker is so easy to create and fun to display.  It consists of making brownies and placing a marshmallow on top of each one.  The marshmallow is the head of a ghost or monster.    Add frosting and some simple decorations.   For the final touch, wrap each brownie in a clear cellophane bag and tie a ribbon around the open end. 

Kathryn Hilton is a theme party planner. She offers many more Halloween Wedding Favors ideas including a custom jars, tins, candles, mints, glassware and others. She also provides advice on practical wedding favors

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