Friday, July 22, 2011

5 Tips For Hosting the Ultimate Halloween Party!

You may have decided to host a Halloween party this year and if you have then careful planning is an absolute must. Planning ahead will ensure that your party is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Check out the pointers below for an excellent place to start.

1 - Think About the Guest List

Are you inviting children and adults to the party or just adults? This will obviously determine what kind of party you are having as well as everything in the party, such as the food, drink, decorations, games and costumes. If you plan on having children come then everything related to your Halloween party should be child friendly, including the time and duration of the event. However, if you plan on having an adults only party then you absolutely should make this quite clear on the party invites.

2 - Choose Your Venue Wisely

When you have decided the composition of and numbers for the guest list then you should consider the venue. It should be big enough for the number of people you plan to invite but not so big that it appears relatively empty when guests arrive. Having a house party is often appropriate for Halloween because your guests will feel comfortable and, more often than not, have a good time. Bonus is you can clean up at your leisure!

3 - Go Nuts with Decorations

The more decorations the better. In fact, the decorations often set the mood and give a Halloween party the edge. However, decorating your party venue need not be expensive. You can buy decorations in bulk at dollar stores, invest in a couple of pumpkins to create your own Jack O' Lanterns, dim the lighting to give it an eerie atmosphere and even get your kids to make their own decorations if you are inviting children. Halloween is not a time for color coordination so just go nuts and deck out the venue - the more decorations the merrier.

4 - Go for Finger Foods

Every Halloween party should feature finger foods rather than sit down meals. After all, everyone should be mingling and dancing in an informal manner and not sat around a table. Finger foods can also be themed towards Halloween. Choose themed cup cakes, shortbread fingers, sausage mommies (sausages in pastry), plastic cauldrons full of chips and pumpkin pie made from the pulp of the hollowed out Jack O' Lanterns. All of these foods are cheap but very effective.

5 - Trick or Treat?

Finally, create a few optional party games for your Halloween event. After all, the trick or treat tradition is still alive and well today so make the most of it. Treasure hunts work well for children's parties but coming up with tricks and dares are even more fun at adult parties. Ideas for these activities can be found readily online.

With these five pointers, you will soon be hosting the ultimate Halloween party. It is one of the few nights every year that people can simply let their hair down so give your guests every opportunity to do just that with amazing decorations, appetizing finger foods and a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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Happy Halloween:)

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