Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pirates Party Ideas

Are you running out of ideas for your pirate themed party, and are you about ready to walk the plank? Pirates are always popular especially around Halloween, or at any other time really. There are groups of people who love to re-create pirate events. If you are enamored with pirates, then perhaps a few new tips for your next pirate bash, will garner you a whole treasure chest of praise from your family and friends.

Unless you have a spare pirate ship or two stashed away in your garage, reworking your living room and house, including the exterior, will just have to serve. Decorating your entrance to welcome guests to your party, and keeping in the theme you've chosen, will be a great introduction to the fun that awaits inside. You could decorate with spooky pirate effects outside, if it's around Halloween. You may also want to put up the more mainstream type of pirate props and goodies.

Buccaneers that we have encountered in history books may have been a highly notorious and bloodthirsty, and not really the type that we want to promote to our family and friends. Think more along the lines of Disney for your inspiration. Then even the smallest of your guests, will be surprised but not scared. You can set up games outside in your backyard. What about making a roll-the-cannonball-along-the-plank game? Just try rolling your cannonballs (small, black, rubber balls) along the inclined plane and if guests can get them to land in a tub full of water, they could win a prize.

Giving out party favors to the children will be a big hit. There's lots of things that you can use as pirate-themed party favors. You can create your own and perhaps put the items in a little sack and tie it with string. If you're running short of time, there are plenty of party favor kits out there as well. For pirate decorations inside and outside of your house, in the backyard for instance, you could hang a few nets up, and create a few treasure chests. For the latter, you could spray paint gold all kinds of old things that you found in your garage, and put them inside a trunk.

Your food items for a pirates party could be a picnic table covered with a rough cloth, and loaded with platters full of bread, fruit, and anything else you can think all of that would look appropriate to be served in the last couple of hundred years or so. For platters, you could purchase some inexpensive chargers, which are usually made from plastic and done up in gold or red or black, and these are often placed underneath your plates and dishes for your regular meals. Just make sure that your pirate food isn't dainty, because pirates are rough and ready buccaneers!

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