Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Tips For Haunting Halloween Themed Parties on a Budget

Halloween is almost upon us and it will be no surprise that many people are planning spooky themed parties in the next couple of weeks. As the evenings become darker and brown leaves fall from the trees, it's easy to see why people feel inspired to create a ghostly atmosphere for their party. Here in this article we shall look at some top tips for making sure that your Halloween party is perfect and how to keep the kids entertained at a reasonable price.

Themed parties do not need to be overly expensive, if you speak to a themed parties prop company and are clear about your budget they will be able to show you what sort of party props will be in your price range. If you hire some key pieces that will really change a venue, smaller and cheaper props can be purchased to add to your hired ones and will save you from spending a fortune. Fake cobwebs and spiders in windows are a great idea and purchasing some pumpkins with scary faces always goes down well at Halloween.

One good decorating tip for Halloween themed parties is to try and acquire some lights; simple fairy lights will do and will instantly change the atmosphere of a room. Larva lamps, black or red light bulbs are also good to place into room to cast a ghostly glow. None of these are particularly expensive to buy but you may find that people will be able to lend decorations like this and that they will have a strong haunting effect on the whole venue.

If you have many children to look after, then sweets and games are a great way of keeping them entertained at themed parties. Why not blind fold them and get them to pass around different objects, such as peeled grapes (blindfolded these will instantly turn into something gruesome like eyeballs!) and see their reactions. Organise a ghost story telling part to the evening, where an adult dressed in a spooky outfit tells them all some creepy Halloween stories that will make hairs on the back of the neck stand up.

Lastly make some great party bags at the end of the evening by mixing some Halloween sweets. You can find many different sweet mixes that are ideal for Halloween, jelly snakes, ghost shaped boiled sweets and chewy bugs are all perfect for placing into a mini cauldron. All of these are very easy to find in shops around Halloween and are a great treat for children to take home at the end of an eerie evening.

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