Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun Corporate Party Ideas - Halloween

Halloween is not only for kids anymore; adults are enjoying it just as much as children nowadays. Studies show that corporate Halloween parties have jumped from 50 percent to 100 percent in the last five years.

Halloween parties do well because unlike Christmas, it is not celebrated for an entire month which can be stressful and on top of that you have to worry about purchasing gifts for your colleagues in addition to your family. Halloween parties also do well because it is an escape for employees to be whom or whatever they want to be for the night.

If you want to make your corporate Halloween party exciting, select a theme. By selecting a theme this will give everyone an idea on what to wear. For example, you can have 70s or 80s party and have employees dress up as their favorite famous person during that era. You can also have employees dress up as their favorite fairy tale character, cartoon character, or favorite celebrity.

First, try choosing a convenient location and try to veer away from the office. Make sure to include many games, costume contests and prizes such as corporate gift baskets. When it comes to a location search for a space in which you are free to decorate and let your creative side out. Don't be afraid to ask your colleagues or employees for left over Halloween decorations to add to your corporate Halloween party.

Once you choose your location, decide on the menu for the night. Some ideas to save money include having a potluck. During work hours, pass around a signup sheet in which your employees will write down what they will be bringing to the party. Encourage employees to bring more items offer an up a Halloween pastry contest, a chili contest or a soup contest. This will add more excitement to the party and encourage your employees to be creative. Decide if you are going to have alcoholic beverages and if so, decide if it will be an open bar. Also, let you guests know if they are allowed to bring guests and if so notify each employee on their guest limit.

Decide if you are going to have a disc jockey or request that employees bring their iPods with their favorite tunes. If so, request that a special playlist is made. Decide on what kind of gamesthat will be played at the party. Consider everything from poker, darts and musical chairs. Surprisingly your employees may enjoy belting out some tunes, so it is best to consider a healthy karaoke session. Since imporv comedy seems to be a hit these days, you should consider gathering your employees for an improve session with different topics to present a mini comedy on, it is kind of like "Whose Line is it Anyway". It is a great way for old and new employees to bond and see how well they work together under pressure.

Consider an arts and crafts session for your employees as well, you don't necessarily have to hire a professional, simply ask around and see which of your employees is willing to share their many talents. For instance you can have a pumpkin carving lesson, a drawing lesson, a painting lesson, or maybe even a dance lesson.

It would also be fun to have a fashion show in which every employee can show off their costume. Have employees vote on best dressed and award the winner with a prize. After a night of excitement and hard work is complete, don't forget to say thank you with a unique corporate gift.

Remember, Halloween isn't just for children anymore. Adults can have just as much fun!

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  2. This time I celebrated Halloween in one of the event venues Chicago has and it was a really great event. For the next time, I’ll keep this in my mind. I think these ideas can actually be used in a lot of different events. Thanks a lot for sharing this!