Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Theme Party Ideas

Theme parties are a fun way to spice up your social life. Here are a few theme ideas and tips on how to plan a great party.

Invitation: Start a theme party off right with a well-written invite. Let your guests know what your inspiration is and give suggestions for what to wear. Offer a prize for the best outfit to encourage people to dress up and participate in the theme.

Decor: Google image search is great for decoration ideas. Try a regular party store for some stuff, but get creative! Also check out vintage or Goodwill stores for fun items.

Dress: Halloween shouldn't be the only time we get to dress up! Get your camera ready. Decorate a designated photo spot for guests to take pictures. Have accessories available for those who don't come in costume.

Music Playlist: Thanks to the magic of the internet, we no longer have to play DJ at our own parties. Save time by creating a Pandora online radio station to match the theme of your party. Or check out many other options online for themed playlists. Keep the music light and easy-going when people are first arriving and then turn up the dance beats!

Signature Drink: This is one of the easiest things to tie in the theme of a party. Choose anything relevant to the theme that can be prepared ahead of time and easily served in a pitcher.

Appetizers: Choose options that can be prepared ahead of time to cut down on last-minute party preparation. Not everything served has to be part of the theme - one or two dishes will work.

Dessert: Pick one theme-related dessert, or even just decorations to match the theme on a plain cake.

Theme Ideas:


Decor: Find vintage travel ads for Cuba
Dress: Fun dress you would wear to a salsa club
Music: Cuban music artists, such as Desi Arnaz, Celia Cruz and Buena Vista Social Club
Apps: Chips and salsa, empanadas, plantains
Dessert: Flan, Tres Leches

Playboy Mansion

Decor: Lots of pink and lace
Dress: Heffner smoking jacket and slippers, feather boas, bunny ears
Music: Fun, danceable Top 40 pop/dance music; also Dimitri From Paris' A Night at the Playboy Mansion
Dessert: Chocolate-covered strawberries

Mad Men

Decor: Anything retro
Dress: Find some inspiration from the TV show Mad Men
Music: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and other lounge music from the 50's
Apps: Look for recipes in a classic Betty Crocker cookbook published in the 50's
Dessert: Something made with jello


Decor: Pop music posters, teen magazines
Dress: Come as your favorite Popstar
Music: Top 40 Pop, old and new
Dessert: Find a bakery that will decorate a cake using a photo of your favorite pop group

Strawberry Shortcake

Decor: Fun strawberry tablecloth and vintage country-style strawberry pictures
Dress: Stay simple with just accessories, such as a strawberry pin or an apron for the hostess
Apps: Something light since dessert is the focus
Dessert: Make-your-own Strawberry Shortcake buffet

Old Hollywood - great to tie in with an Oscar-watching party

Decor: Red carpet and lots of gold
Dress: Glamour
Music: Songs from old movies
Apps: Fancy finger food
Dessert: Mini tarts

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