Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homemade Halloween Props Make For Ghoulish Fun

Halloween used to be all about kids getting into costume and traipsing door to door in search of candy handouts. However, adults are getting into the act in a big way these days, and you can see spooky Halloween decorations sprouting up all over town. You may have even stopped to gape at some of the great displays wondering how the people who live in the house can afford to spend so much on Halloween decorations. Would you believe that even though the stores are stuffed with expensive Halloween merchandise, many people are now displaying homemade Halloween props?

The Internet is filled with websites dedicated to Halloween, and many of them will give you ideas and even working plans for homemade Halloween props. You can start small by building such classic items as spooky tombstones and then expand your repertoire to include skeletons in many gruesome poses and a gaggle of flying ghosts and witches. No one will ever know that you made these fantastic decorations yourself, because you will find information telling you how to use eerie lighting and sounds to make your scenes come alive.

If you're making your props for indoor d├ęcor, you will be able to make them out of very basic materials, such as foam core board, cardboard, poster board, spray paint, old clothes, and papier mache.

You can create a spooky backdrop for a party as simply as by covering furniture with old white sheets and shredding a bag of fiber fill to use as instant cobwebs. Switching the lighting in your home from white bulbs to red or black ones can cast an eerie glow. When clearing out your garden in the Fall, save some flowers on their stems and hang them upside down in your garage or basement to dry out. Once they've completely dried you can spray paint them with black for a spooky bouquet.

Getting into the spirit of Halloween doesn't have to be expensive, because there are thousands of homemade Halloween props you can create that will cost very little. It doesn't take a wad of cash in order to make your decorations seem creepy and spooky. All it takes is a little know-how and a lot of creativity.

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