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Twilight Party Ideas Right From the Twilight Novels!

Since the release of the Twilight Saga many Twilighters have had some great Twilight Party Ideas. With the release of the movie this past November, and when the DVD is released, Twilight parties are going to be hot this year!

Twilight party decorating ideas can be taken from the Twilight Novel, or any of the other books in the Saga. If you are planning a vampire party this year, the perfect theme will be based on the 4 book Saga by Stephanie Meyer? This love story has sold over 40 million copies in over 37 countries.

You can start to think about your Twilight party ideas right now. You can have a movie viewing when the DVD comes out or you can have a different kind of Vampire Halloween Party. Life size stand ups of Bella and Edward will WOW everyone when they walk into your party. Imagine the surprise on their faces when they are greeted by Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. What a perfect beginning to your decorating. You can also find cut outs of James, Laurent and Victoria...those naughty, blood sucking, nomadic Vampires we met at the baseball game.

What do you mean Vegetarian Vampires?

Yes, the Cullen's are vegetarians...but what that means in vampire lingo is they drink the blood of animals, not humans. Your Halloween or Twilight party can be planned with a twist...Vampires without fangs. So that means no bloody Count Dracula Vampire party this year. You can go sleek and stylish rather than bloody and scary, like the Vampire parties we are all familiar with. The Cullen's are a rather sophisticated family and Alice, the family party planner, decorates with lots of style and taste. Of course, you could host a Halloween party where the old meets the new...and have fanged, blood drinking vamps along side the vegetarian Cullen Clan...just like in Breaking Dawn.

A great Vampire costume party prop is FX lenses. You know, those colored contact lenses that change your eye color. The Cullen's eyes, and the rest of the Vampires in the series, change. When they are hungry, or thirsting for blood, their eyes are black. When they have hunted and their thirst is somewhat satisfied, their eyes are golden or topaz. A newborn Vampire or a human blood drinker (like the Volturi) will have red eyes. This gives you several options as to what color lenses you will get. These special effect lenses look great...some of them are almost hypnotic! Homemade Costumes will be easy to put together if you decide to "become" Edward or Bella. They wear what kids everywhere wear. Edward will require a little makeup work. His skin is very pale and his eyes are black or light brown. His skin also sparkles in the you might want to use that look.

A Twilight Party Need Twinkle Lights

Don't I have Twinkle Lights? You might have some of the party supplies you need for your Twilight party ideas...Make sure you check your holiday decorations for lights and bulbs you can use. It's nice to be able to save some money on decorations! If you recall, when Alice decorated for a party, she used roses and lots of twinkling lights. So, first on your party decorating list is...Twinkle Lights. I love the white ones, but you can also be bold and use red or black if you can find them. Using red and black is a very dramatic decorating scheme.

Red and Black Decorations For Your Twilight Party

You can get decorating ideas for your Edward and Bella Party right off the Twilight book covers...Twilight- This book has hands holding an apple against a black background. The second novel in the Saga, New Moon, has a Parrot Tulip in red and white. The third novel in the Saga, Eclipse, has a piece of red satin ribbon against a black background. The final Novel in the Saga, Breaking Dawn, has a white Chess Queen and a red Pawn against a black background. So it looks like the color scheme should be red, black and white. What an intense backdrop this color scheme will create for your party.

Take all the decorating ideas you can from Stephanie Meyers' Saga. Think about a black table cloth with some white or red dishes. Make up silverware setting like you see in some restaurants. Wrap each place setting in a white napkin and secure it by tying a red satin ribbon around it. Try filling some glass cylinders with roses or see if you can order some red and white Parrot tulips from your local florist. Fill wine glasses (or some other small glass) with spray roses. These small roses are very delicate looking and open very nicely. I'm sure Alice Cullen would approve.

Use the Twilight Books as Decorations

The book covers are ideal to use as Twilight party decorations. Lay copies of them around the party room. After all, this party is based on what's in them, and they do have those great covers. Use red satin ribbons, apples and even chess pieces to set the mood of the party. Do you have any red and black Christmas balls? Put them into a glass cylinder. They will look really great with the Twinkle Lights.

Imagine what an interesting and intimate feeling your party will have. Twinkle lights, red and black and of course, the Twilight Soundtrack music playing in the background. If you can, clear part of the room to make a dance floor and keep the music low so people can hear each other!

Party Food Time!

Get Pizza or serve sandwiches. I like to plan easy party menus. Of course, if you like to cook or cater...go for it. There are several food ideas you can take right from Twilight ....Bella made some quesadillas for Charlie, there's the Fish Fry Billie Black brought and there are always Bella's mushroom ravioli. Red Drinks are easy enough to find...fruit punch, or use a mix of red juice and seltzer to make a red punch.

Keep your party desserts simple. My favorite dessert idea is Vampire Cupcakes. Sweet Cake with white icing and two red puncture marks on top. They are easy to make and taste great. They look really nice. Any red, black or white combination will work well. These novels give us so many great party ideas and decorating ideas...your Twilight party is sure to be a hit.

Have Some Fun Party Games and Trivia Questions!

You know enough about Edward, Bella and the rest of the characters to come up with some interesting Twilight party trivia questions. Have a couple of your friends put their heads together to come up with some good ones too.

Cast of Characters:

The Vampires:
Edward Cullen
Doctor Carlisle Cullen
Esme Cullen
Alice Cullen
Jasper Hale
Rosalie Hale
Emmett Cullen

The Humans:
Bella Swan
Charlie Swan
Jacob Black
Billie Black

Have You Read the Twilight Saga Yet?

No?? I love the story. It tells us about Edward Cullen, a hundred year old vampire, and Bella Swan, a 17 year old high school student, who meet and feel an instant attraction to each other.

For Bella, this is a dangerous situation though she doesn't realize that at first. Edward is more attracted to Bella's human scent than he has ever been. He wants to drink her blood and it's a stronger attraction than he has ever had to fight before. They still find a way to be together...though, while Bella is human, this will never be easy. There are four books in the Saga and I read them in less than two weeks. I didn't think I would be so dazzled by these books...but I was!
Once you read the story and fall in love with the characters, like so many others have, you won't be able to wait to have your Twilight party!

Jill Gallo is Ms. Party Ideas and she writes about fun party stuff for Party Ideas Parade. Here are some more Twilight articles you might like to read, Twilight Party Ideas. Jill loves to write about all kinds of unique party ideas and enjoys swapping good party ideas with you.

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