Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Ideas For a Halloween Classroom Party

A great Halloween party requires fun food, exciting games, and spooky decorations. Kids love sweet stuff, especially at a party! Naturally, cupcakes, cookies, and candy are essential food for any Halloween bash, but other types of items can be served. Sliced apples with peanut butter are an ideal and healthy snack. Vegetable trays and fruit trays can also be popular among students. Pretzels, corn chips, and popcorn are great finger food and easy to procure. Naturally, a party wouldn't be complete without a delicious drink to accompany the treats. Apple Cider Punch is a perfectly scrumptious concoction. It is an unusual mixture, consisting of one gallon of brown apple cider and half a gallon of lime sherbet. Mix the ingredients together in a punch bowl, making sure each cup of cider has a little sherbet. The sweetness of the sherbet accents the tartness of the cider. Finger foods and a tasty drink work well with younger children.

One of the most important aspects of a party is keeping the guests occupied and entertained. Games are a wonderful way to get the children in the Halloween mood. Bobbing for apples is a traditional fall game; however, the mess on the floor, not to mention the wet children, makes this game unrealistic. Setting up several stations with a different game at each station gives the students an opportunity to play all the games. In small groups, the children can rotate to each station when the teacher rings a bell or gives a signal. Depending on the number of students, you can decide on the number of games. There is a link in the resource box to a great website with all kinds of games! The Candy Corn Catch, Spooky Walk, and Pumpkin bowling games were favorites among students. If you want to keep the entire class together, other organized games are possible. A contest to "wrap the mummy" is a fun class game. Divide the students into group of four. One student is the mummy, and the other students are the wrappers. Each group would need about three rolls of toilet paper. Allow the students three to five minutes to complete their task, depending on the age of the children. Younger students may need more time. Awards can be given for the fastest time, the neatest wrap, or any other area. Additional group games can include musical chairs with spooky music, or a hot potato game using pumpkins. Whether you break students into groups or keep them together, an exciting party always has great games.

A party would not be festive without awesome decorations. Many of them can be made ahead of time by the students, who love to see their projects displayed in the room. Pumpkins cut out from construction paper with a special face created by each student can be posted around the room. Although stores sell orange lights for Halloween, white Christmas lights strung around a darkened classroom, will work fine to set the spooky mood. A smoking cauldron can be achieved with a large cooking pot and dry ice. The students can make floating ghosts by crumpling a ball of white tissue paper and placing it in the center of a flat piece of tissue paper. They can wrap the flat piece around the ball, so the ghost has a neck and flowing body. Next, they can tie string around the neck, and create a face on the head of the ghost. Hang the ghosts around the room, especially from the ceiling! Spooky music is another great addition to the atmosphere. With creepy sounds, tasty food, and entertaining games, your Halloween party will be a hit.

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