Thursday, July 21, 2011

Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Hunt Party

As Halloween approaches so do the preparations for all sorts of monster bashes. Here are some great ideas to make your party a "spooktacular" success by combining the Halloween classic games and activities with a ghoulishly fun Halloween hunt!

Set the stage for your party. For younger children keep it "friendly scary" with happy ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, corn stalks, and scarecrows to accompany the classic orange and black d├ęcor. For older children and adults the sky is the limit for as creepy and ghoulish as you wish to be with your decorations. Don't forget to set the overall mood using some blue light bulbs or other dim lighting, and the perfect music selection of spooky tunes to fill the air.

Plan a Halloween treasure hunt to be the highlight of your party. Kids love the thrill of a hunt and when the clues lead them about all sorts of spooky Halloween characters and creatures the excitement is doubled. Plan out a fun trail of clues that when solved will lead your guests all about your Halloween decorations including ghosts, witches, spiders and more. The hunts can be planned for indoors or outdoors. Hide your clues before the party begins, when you're ready to start the hunt simply hand the children the first clue and send them off on their hunt for the next clue. Plan a treat either at each clue stop or some final treat bags for all the guests at the final destination. There are great printable ready-to-play Halloween hunts available online at Treasure-Adventure if you need help with your clue creation. (

Don't forget the classic Halloween party games, these can be a great way to break the ice and get your party going. Plan a game of "bobbing for apples", you can use any large metal or plastic pale (plastic witches cauldrons make great bobbing containers) simply fill the container with water add apples and you're ready to go. Remove the stems from the apples to make it more challenging. Pin the wart on the witch; a Halloween version of pin the tail on the donkey is a simple and fun game for younger children. Plan an activity such as carving small jack-o-lanterns to send home with the guest, although younger children may need more guidance on this project.

No Halloween party could be complete without some ghost stories, and this can be a great way to bring an end to your evening, choose a selection of age appropriate tales for your guests. For older children you can't go wrong with some of the old favorites "who stole my little toe", or the story of the creepy guy following the young girl flashing his headlights, that turns out to be alerting her of the man hiding in her backseat. Many great tales are readily available online. For younger children stick with more friendly monster, Halloween and ghost stories.

The bottom line is if you can bring together the basics of ghost and ghouls, candy and treats, games and activities, and ghostly tales you will surely have a "spooktacular" Halloween party. is an online party game company that offers ready-to-play interactive and themed treasure hunts with custom challenging clues for all ages. Visit Treasure on line at

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