Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Showers On Halloween: Get Some Ideas

A baby is always an exciting new addition to a growing family. Whenever women are expecting, they want to make it extra special because it is a very special moment for them. However, Fall, they say, is not really a good time to welcome a baby especially not when everybody is excited for Halloween. But then again, things have greatly changed already. Babies are always very fond to welcome and baby showers are always one of the parties that people are excited to prepare for.

Whoever said that a baby shower on Halloween isn't a good idea might not have had the chance to attend one. A Halloween inspired baby shower could be fun for someone who is expecting in October. It is one of the best times to have gives someone a baby shower because the weather is perfect for a celebration. It is not too hot nor is it too cold making it very easy to plan out a garden baby shower of some sort.

Well, what is more exciting in a baby shower during Halloween is that you get the chance to be crazy and ask your guests to do crazy things or wear crazy costumes. Some of those who have already tried throwing a baby shower in Halloween asked their guests to wear Halloween wigs during the party. There were also some who gave costume wigs to their guests as a souvenir. Other than these, there are many great things about Halloween that parents and friends of an expecting mother could play with. Anything is possible in Halloween and the crazier your shower is the more chances that your guests would love and truly remember that event that you have really planned out on your own.

Here are some of the essential steps in planning a Halloween-inspired baby shower:

The first step that needs to be done in party planning is to let your guests know that they are invited. Send out the invitations at least two weeks before the event so that your guests can save the date and be able to make it on your party. A well-planned party is a well-attended one. Perhaps you can include in the message in the invitation if you want them to come in their costumes or they can come in Halloween wigs.
Then the next thing to plan is the program of the event. How do you want the party to go? What games do you want to play? Perhaps as the hostess of the party, you can try to include in your games the kind of things that are normally done during baby showers with a little twist which is where the Halloween part comes in.
Third, you can also arrange the party venue the way you envisioned a Halloween themed baby shower should be. The decoration of the venue can greatly affect the kind of mood that the party would have and the kind of mood your guests would be into. It is very important that your decorations blend with the overall theme that will also make your guests feel good that they are there.

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