Friday, July 1, 2011

Halloween Decoration Ideas, What is the Best Way to Transform Your Home to a Great Theme Party

There are a number of Halloween decoration ideas for the frugal available on the internet, and in books and magazines. Individuals who are frugal simply take the resources that the have and maximize them in order to get the best and most use possible. If you want to save money, and have a blast decorating the inside and outside of your home this Halloween, there are many different ways that you can do so.

Here, we will look into a few Halloween decoration ideas that you may find interesting. One of the first things that you can do is gather some basic cardboard egg cartons and create many different "spiders" to hang in and around the home. This is very easy to do. Below I will detail the steps required to make this type of decoration.

The first thing that you will need to do is take the bottom part of the egg carton and cut out sections of three egg compartments at a time. The middle of the three sections will act as the "head" and "body" of the spider. Now, on the other two sides, you will need to cut strips so that you have four "legs" on either side of the body.

Once you have succeeded in this part of the project, you will want to take some black spray paint and completely color the entire "spider". You should allow about an hour for this project to dry. Then, you will want to add a pair of those little eyes that move around that can purchased in your local craft department for about a buck a piece. Once this has been completed, simply thread in some basic fishing line or thread and add a hook on the top to hang these spooky spiders in various locations around your home.

Now, did you know that there are many Halloween decoration ideas where you can use all those burned out light bulbs that accumulate during the year? That's right! Take about four different bulbs and then get a pot of dirt ready that you can stick the bulbs in. Now, get some craft paint of different colors. Color the bulbs orange and then once that dries, create a "Jack O' Lantern" type face on each. Simple stick the little bulbs down into the pot. This should be short of a long, rectangular shaped one.

Then, take some spray webbing and spray in between each bulb and maybe even on some of the bulbs. That's just a couple of the many Halloween decoration ideas out there for the frugal! Just look around the house and be as creative as possible!

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