Friday, July 1, 2011

A Fun Kid Halloween Party Idea is a Haunted House Theme

A fun kid Halloween party idea is to turn the party into a haunted house! Kids love Halloween parties and Haunted Houses so why not combine the two? This Haunted Halloween party idea can be set up a family room, garage, or backyard.

Make announcements shaped like a haunted house with black paper, and white or yellow markers. Let everyone know what day, time and location of your haunted house Halloween party. Let the kids and guests know to dress up as ghosts, ghouls, a mad scientist, and monsters.

Once you decide on the location for the party, look at the room or yard to locate any safety concerns, any off-limit areas of the room or yard, and where to place decorations. Ideas for decorations and supplies include:

White sheets, tablecloths or fabric to drape over furniture
Black fabric or tablecloth to cover any bright areas
String twinkle lights, flashlights and litesticks
Dry ice or fog machine with adult supervision
Lots of spider webbing and creepy creatures
Scary looking jack-o-lanterns
Assorted large clear jars for a scientist lab area
Make tombstones from cardboard or foam blocks
Haunted sounds and eerie music

Cover any furniture or large items with white sheets or cloth. Place or hang scary decorations such as spiders, bats and rats around the room or yard. Lots of jack-o-lanterns piled in corners really adds to the effect. Make a graveyard with cardboard tombstones and plastic skeleton bones. Set up a table covered with a sheet for the mad scientist's laboratory. Large jars with green tinted water can display a cauliflower brain, green olives in a ball of mozzarella cheese looks like an eyeball, and lots of creepy bugs.

Lighting really adds to the effect of your haunted house Halloween party. Cover any really bright areas with black or dark cloth and hang twinkle, clip-on black and strobe lights in key locations. Look for areas that might become hazardous if too dark and add more lights. String up lots of spider webbing all around the room. Use dry ice with adult supervision or a fog machine to add to the spooky effect.

Serve Halloween party finger foods such as:

Bite-size pizzas (an olive in the center looks like an eye)
Fried-ravioli (looks like knuckles) with red pizza sauce
Chicken wings (tell the kids they are bat wings)
Frog-eye salad (ambrosia with green grapes)
Bubbly brew (punch)
Cocoa Cat Cookies (chocolate cookies cut into cat shapes)

Play spooky music and use a strobe light to play kids games such as Musical Jack-O-Lanterns (use pumpkins instead of chairs), Pin the Hat on the Witch, or Freeze Tag if you are using the backyard. Send everyone home with a treat bag full of goodies!

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