Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tween to Teen! - 13th Birthday Party Ideas

Perfect for the tween who is crossing over to become a teenager. It's a big deal so let's start looking at some fun teen party themes. Thirteen is one of the milestone birthdays, like 16, 21, 30, 40, 50 and so on.

There are some really fun party themes that are perfect for a teenage birthday party. Let's look them over and see if you can't find the perfect one for your budding teenager!

A Twilight party is one of the more popular party themes this year. With the release of the book saga by Stephanie Meyer, of the movie, Twilight plus the anticipated release of Twilight's New Moon this fall...this movie and book sensation is certainly one you should consider if your teen-to-be is a Twilight fan.

Hannah Montana is another popular teen party theme. Music and karaoke are the highlights at this kind of gathering. Pull out the old karaoke machine, or borrow one, and video tape your guests as they croon away to the songs on the screen. Have you ever gone to a karaoke party? You will be laughing all night long! It's so much fun and there are some great party favors you can give out, like toy microphones, CDs and Posters. Have someone take still photos of your singing sensations cannot get enough pictures of this amazing contest of singing skill! After your party be sure to send a copy of the CD to your guest stars as well.

When is your child's birth date? You can have a seasonal party theme for their 13th birthday party. Summer is perfect for a pool party, Spring is garden party season, Fall is that's a really great 13th birthday party idea!

Halloween 13th birthday party ideas Invite everyone to come dressed up in a costume and let them know you are having a Costume Contest! Get some goofy Halloween party prizes like candy eye balls or fake lips...there is so much to pick from Play Halloween games like Make a Mummy...that's where teams are formed and each one has to make one of the team members a Mummy using toilet paper (TP), It's unbelievably funny to watch these kids work the TP around their teammate. Halloween gives you so many decorating ideas and the number 13 works right into that perfectly! Mark your front door with the numbers 13 for your address. Halloween is good for trivia games too. Who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane? The answer is The Munsters! Okay, that might be a little before your 13 year olds time...but someone might know! You can have your son or daughter make up their own scary game of trivia to play. They will know all the scary movies that are popular with their age group...even if I don't! Food is another reason to have a Halloween 13th birthday party. There are hundreds of silly and scary party food recipes you can use. Makes me wish my birth date was in October!

Winter parties are fun too. Use Snowflakes as your decoration theme...that will look so pretty. Or use a Ski or Ice Skating theme if you like.

You can take teens to a movie and go out for a pizza later, or have your party at a bowling alley where everyone can bowl and eat from the snack bar. That might seem more like a mature party for them rather than a kids type party at home.

Whatever theme you decide remember the entire point of a party is to have some fun, and that includes you Mom! Welcome to the teenage years!

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