Saturday, July 2, 2011

10 Easy Ideas For Your Halloween Theme Party

1. A Halloween theme party can be further narrowed down into further sub-themes, as a Halloween party can mean many things to different people.

2. The first decision you should make is exactly what sub-theme you are going to make your party. Is it going to be historical figures, movie characters or the more traditional monsters and witches.

3. Send out your invitations on a cut out monster, witches hat or pumpkin. State clearly on your invitations that anybody who doesn't dress up will be charged on the door!

4. I'm sure you haven't missed all the costumes while you've been out shopping! Assuming you have gone for a traditional monsters theme, some classics include; demons, witches, vampires, Dracula, Freddy Kruger and zombies.

5. Make some pumpkin lanterns to line the path leading up to your house. You can hang them on the trees or place them on the path.

6. Replace all of the light bulbs with green or red ones to add an eerie feeling to the atmosphere. Light plenty of candles and spread them around the room.

7. Get some models or figures of gargoyles, witches, ghosts, demons, vampires, mummies, cats and wear wolves to spread around your venue. Also get some body parts and fake blood to keep all of your guests on edge.

8. Some songs you could play would be; Thriller, Wear wolves of London, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Monster Mash and People are Strange.

9. To make your Halloween theme party complete, you need to stock up on plenty of sweets. You may after all be getting trick or treater's calling round!

10. Bake a monster themed cake and decorate with witches or vampires. Top off with an edible spider. Get some monster shaped cookie cutters for your cookies and decorate in a similar way.

We really hope you have taken some suggestions and inspiration from our Halloween Theme Party ideas. They should help your theme party go off with a chill and a bang. We have even more Halloween Theme Party ideas to make your party even more memorable for yourself and your guests. Enjoy your planning and your party!

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