Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas - 3 Quick Planning Tips

Next Halloween why not try gearing the festivities toward a subgenre of the traditional any-and-all scares? Instead of the generic spiders, witches and pumpkins why not decorate with a more specific scary theme like haunted ship, house or pumpkin patch. No matter which one is chosen, makes sure to keep the scare level appropriate to the guest list. Very young or very mature guests will not appreciate the very scary party the way that the high school guests might.

A haunted ship themed party allows for a lot of creative interpretations. Purchase a treasure chest or make one from a cardboard box and wood grained contact paper and line it with velvet. Fill it with party favors like foil covered coins and candy necklaces. The whole treasure can be found on the party table as a center piece draped with traditional pirate skeleton and purchased synthetic cobweb.

Haunted house themed parties would be a matter of purchasing decorations and party goods with a house prominently displayed. A small doll house or a ceramic haunted house might make a good centerpiece. If time permits try baking a haunted gingerbread house or possibly buy one pre-made. Then use candy dishes that feature the same candies that are used to decorate the house. With spooky background house sound affects the whole theme comes together nicely.

What could be easier than the haunted pumpkin patch? Real or artificial pumpkins are the quintessential fall decoration. Just use a few more of them than usual and use cloth stems and leaves to pull the look together. Ghosts, ghouls and skeletons can adorn the patch while plastic pumpkins are filled with candy corn and pumpkins. Orange and black or just fall leaf motif party goods work well on this themed party table. Make use of these tips and you're sure to have a goulish Halloween.

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