Sunday, July 3, 2011

Halloween Decorations Anyone Can Do

Halloween decorations can be a lot of fun to create on your own without spending a lot of money. Here are a few suggestions:

Turn your home windows into a spooky display by creating silhouettes of haunted houses, skeletons, black cats and more out of black construction paper or dark colored garbage bags. Carefully cut the silhouettes out and tape up to the windows to give an eerie holiday feel to the window. Of course, they look especially spooky after dark with the light from inside shining through. Have fun! Rolls of Danger and Caution Tape can be used to outline porches or door ways. Add an official looking sign printed on a computer (and maybe laminated) that says "This house is guarded by an attack ghost" or something else clever for a few extra laughs.Lighting effects can be made by exchanging regular light bulbs for colored bulbs, blue, orange, yellow, red, or even using black lights can make for mood setting party fun. Replacing your porch light or garage bulb with a black light can be very spooky, especially if you place some small glow in the dark items just within the range of the black light. Take last year's rubber mask (or a scary one from this year) and stick it into a large jar that is full of water. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the water and it looks really gruesome!If the severed head specimen isn't your style, consider a ghost centerpiece. Find a large clean squash (butternut, pumpkin or other funky shape), wash it, dry it good and paint it with white acrylic paint. Then, after the white paint is completely dry, use a black marker to draw the ghostly features on it. Make more than one - like 3 or 5 of different shapes and sizes and display them in a bunch - they look great!

With little effort and minimal cost, your house can be a spooky showcase that all the trick-or-treaters will be anxious to stop by.

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