Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cheap Halloween Party Ideas For Kids, Adults, and Teenagers

Have Halloween At Home

Lots of us would like to keep our family and friends close to home on Halloween. We all love the traditions of this holiday, and probably have great memories about it, but these days it seems better to keep our kids and teens off the street. I have had a great time throwing Halloween parties for children, adults, and teenagers. Everybody remembered the fun for a long time, and built new memories they could pass on.

Set The Mood - When your guests arrive, make sure they are immersed in the holiday spirit (lol) right away. Dim lights and use candles or powered lanterns for mood lighting. Having to pass through a decorative spider web to enter will be lots of fun too.

Halloween Movies - A rented movie can help almost any party. You can keep it on the tv, but make sure the sound is low enough so other partiers can chat. Choose your movie to fit your guests. You can find some great cartoons for young children and zombie movies for teens. Even we older people enjoy doing the Time Warp Again too! Rocky Horror is great for young adults, or for adults who were young once!

The Haunted Relics - You can make a small haunted house in a hallway or bedroom. A dark room, some spooky sounds, and scary pictures lit by black light ca make this fun for everybody. Appoint a guide to lead the victims (guests).

The Scary Contests - Be sure and judge costumes. You can provide small prizes like bags of candy or themed cups. For younger kids, I would make enough categories so everybody can win, but adults and teens should be able to compete for a couple of prizes. You probably know that children love prize bags, but teens and adults seem to like them too.

Ghoulish Games - The easiest game for almost any party can be adapted to yours. Buy a pack of sticky notes and write the name of some creature on each one. You could use The Great Pumpkin, The Mummy, and Harry Potter for example. Each guest gets one paper stuck on their back until they can gather enough hints to guess it correctly. This makes a great icebreaker, and it is really cheap to do!

Frugal Halloween Party Planning - You can throw an affordable party without making it seem cheap at all.

You can find some great decorations, costume ideas, and slimy stuff for a haunted house in the dollar or discount store.

Do not be afraid to allow your guests to contribute, especially if they ask. You can delegate sodas, snacks, or bags of candy for prizes to any guests who seem willing to contribute. In fact, you can even make another contest out of this! Your friends will probably be happy to compete for the Best Halloween Treat competition. Be sure to award that one early before the food is all gone.

I think that Halloween is so popular because it celebrates our imagination, and you can certainly use yours to throw an inexpensive party that your guests will love.

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