Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seasonal Birthday Party Ideas

There are times when you have to throw a birthday party for somebody whose interests you may not know very well. For example, a child's first birthday presents a challenge as far as coming up with a theme goes because babies may not have developed an obvious liking for certain things at that point. So, a great idea is to take cues from the season. Every season has classic elements that are easily recognizable, making your job a lot easier when it comes time to think of things like decorations and even food choices. Here are some more specific examples to illustrate this point:

Fall/Autumn Birthday

Some themes that are very easily associated with the fall are leaves, pumpkins, Holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the fall colors. You can very easily develop an entire birthday theme around these things. For example, an invitation could have a pumpkin on it and read, "Our little pumpkin is turning two." You could then make a pumpkin flavored cake in a Bundt pan and frost it with orange frosting with autumn foliage decorations in the center.

Mini Bundt cakes can be used for individual children's cakes and tootsie rolls can be used for the stems. Serve the cakes with pecan praline ice cream or another type of ice cream that reminds you of fall or uses ingredients that you feel correlate with the season. For an activity, you can go to the pumpkin patch and choose pumpkins that each guest could then carve.

Winter Birthday

Winter birthdays can incorporate the themes of ice, white, snow, etc. If you live in an area where you can go snow shoeing or skiing, that might be a fun activity. If you are working with younger kids, something like having snowmen building contests or snow fort building games may be more appropriate (and cost effective). White icing can be used to make individual cupcakes or you can use two or more 8x8 cake pans, stack the cakes on top of each other and have an ice cube birthday cake. You could also incorporate winter animals like penguins and polar bears into the party.

Summer Birthday

Water games are a fantastic idea for a summer themed party. You can bob for apples in a kiddie pool, you can play water balloon volleyball, and you could even substitute a traditional birthday cake and ice cream with snow cones or Popsicles. There are countless outdoor games that you could think of and all of them would have the advantage that the disruption to the inside of your home would be minimal. Kids can also take advantage of being active and having more space to play than they would if they were forced to stay indoors because of the weather.

Spring Birthday

Spring birthdays are great for girls because this season is very feminine. There are blooming flowers, sweet smells, baby animals and even some magical elements like pixies or butterflies. Boys need not feel left out. Bugs and nature exploration can be a fun part of their party. You can have the party guest bring their own bug-catching containers and let them run wild in the back yard. You can easily use a circular cake pan to make a bug body, use licorice for antennae and legs and icing for all the other details. Spring favor bags can include any of the above mentioned bug or little girl themes. You could also incorporate an egg hunt if the birthday is close to Easter. Remember also that, as with any season, there are also colors associated with spring. Pastels, including lots of greens are great colors to use to incorporate this theme into your birthday party ideas.

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