Monday, July 4, 2011

Need Help With Twilight Party Ideas?

Do you need Twilight Party Ideas? Whether you are planning a Twilight party for your Birthday, for Halloween or for a Movie Review, there are plenty of fun ideas to make it the best!

The color scheme is and black. Throw in splashes of white to brighten your room up and include some twinkle lights. If you remember, in the books, every party that Alice Cullen planned had tons of twinkle lights. Using apples, chess pieces, red satin ribbon and lots of sparkles will make your party room look like one of the Saga book covers. You can use the book covers as additional decorations and you can frame some pictures of the movie cast in character, so it looks like they live there. Find a company that will make you an edible image for your party cake and use it to decorate your cake.

A Birthday party is such a special occasion for the Birthday girl or guy. The celebration of another year passing, and another year to look forward to, with a gathering of friends who care is one of the best nights of the year. Plus you will probably get some birthday presents! Yeah! Now, that's always fun. If you are having a Twilight theme I'm sure you are just like me and talk Twilight nonstop. Hope everyone is smart enough to figure out what kind of gifts you want! There are so many different ideas: The books, the movie, the soundtrack and of course, there is always some Cullen Crest jewelry, any of which would be the perfect birthday present!

The Twilight Halloween party ideas are probably the most fun. Halloween is perfect for a vampire party, even if those vampires happen to be vegetarians. Invite some of the Vultori to come if you are looking for some gorier guests than the Cullen Clan. Stephanie Meyer has given us a multitude of costume ideas with the book characters. You can go as Bella, Alice or Jane! There are also loads of couples costume and group costume ideas. Go as the entire Cullen family or as the Italian, red eyed Vultori. Don't forget the nomads, Laurent, James and Victoria for a scarier vampire look. Use crest name tags, perhaps written in Edward's beautiful handwriting, so everyone knows exactly who you are. The name of the font Edward uses is Camilla and can be found on different sites online.

A Movie Review party is the ideal way to watch the movie as soon as it is released on DVD! Invite your friends over for a casual movie viewing. You don't have to go crazy with a party menu since Movie Night parties are usually a pizza and popcorn deal. You can put some red food coloring in your melted butter if you feel like making some theme colored popcorn. Of course, if you want to serve a more involved menu, go ahead...I'm sure no one will complain if there is lots of delicious food and desserts waiting for them!

An easy vampire themed cupcake idea is ...vampire cupcakes. You can use any color cake mix, though red velvet does look great, with some white icing. Using a red gel decorating tube you make two small puncture marks, close together so it looks like a vampire bite mark. Leave a little red trail when you pull the gel tube out. These are so easy to make and really look perfect...without being gory! Perfect for a gathering with a clan as sophisticated as the Cullens.

Any party needs some fun party make up some trivia questions...they are perfect for this theme. There is so much information in the novels you can use, and it's all so easy to find. Just look in the book. Or check out New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn for some more difficult, but good questions and answers to try and stump your guests with. Which ever party theme you ultimately decide on, you are sure to have a fun party when you use the Twilight Movie or Books as your theme. Create an atmosphere of fun with your vampire romance theme and use everything Stephanie has given us in the books to ensure your party is a success!

Ms. Party Ideas is Jill Gallo and she writes about fun party stuff! Here are some articles you might like to read, and Jillian has been dazzled by Edward and all the books of the Stephanie Meyer Saga and she loves to write about all kinds of unique party ideas and enjoys swapping good party ideas with you.

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