Friday, July 8, 2011

House Party Ideas For Teens

The term house party refers to the kind of party in which many people or groups of people, most often high school teens but sometimes adults, gather at the house or apartment of the person hosting the party. House parties feature food, popular music, dancing and social interaction, and occasionally the consumption of alcohol. The first step towards arranging a house party for teens is to have a creative idea. A creative idea is an absolute necessity if you want the party to be a hit with your guests. Having a creative idea gives you the first step towards having a successful party. 

Following are a variety of house party themes and ideas:

1. Halloween House party

Halloween is all about ghosts and other things related to death; however Halloween is also about fun, tricks and treats. Hosting a Halloween party in your house is a great idea, you can also host a Halloween like party even when it's not Halloween. You can have people who are coming over dress up as various scary characters i.e. vampires, werewolves, ghosts, reapers etc. The whole theme of the party will need to be set up in a way so that it gives people the creeps. You can have gothic type music in the background, with dark colored streamers and balloons with various faces. You can shut out all the lights and just light candles around the house creating lots of dark and creepy shadows. You should also put up fake cobwebs, flying bats and other similar decorations which are easily available for under a dollar at local stores.

2. Romantic House party

A romantic house party is great for couples and singles alike. The whole theme of this party is going to be love and affection. The music you play has to be romantic and slow. The main colors you need to play around with are red, pink, and blue. So you can have lots of red color balloons. You can also have heart shaped red or pink colored balloons. You can get away with not serving a lot of food in this type of house party since people there will mostly be interested in either falling in love or increasing their bond with their loved ones. So the food you serve needs to be light and more of the snack type. Alcohol definitely needs to be on the menu, with champagne on the top of the list. Also everyone should be dressed formal, same as when they dress for prom night.

3. Golden Oldies House party

This type of house party is great if it is executed correctly. This is a great party for teenagers as it gives them the feel of how things were a few decades back. One of the most popular themes is the 1970s. Have everyone dressed up as if it were the 70s. You can have classic 70s music playing. The d├ęcor should also be that of the 70s, something which will add more dimension to the effect you are trying to create. You can also hang 70s style streamers and balloons.

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