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Fun Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Thar be fun pirate birthday party ideas ahead me buckos...AAARRRH! So haul in the gang plank, trim yer sails and be watchin' for ships flyin' the Jolly Roger.

"Avast and ahoy maties, this here be yer captain speakin to ya... Captain Grandpa Mike says me."

Yer birthday child and all their guests will be havin' a swashbucklin' good time with this here adventure on the fun kid birthday parties high seas!

Fun Pirate Birthday Party Ideas - Invitations

Yo Ho A Pirate's Treasure Map

Your party guests will really get into your Pirate theme when you send them an invitation that looks like an old Pirate Treasure map...

Cut a brown paper bag into a square.

Then, with a black marker write something like "Captain__________'s (insert your birthday child's name) treasure map"...

"Ye be invited to a swash-buckling good time matey... (then give the party date, time, length of the party and any other details) then close the invitation by saying something like...

"If you dare, you'll be findin the party by followin this here treasure map... And remember this me buckos... "X" marks the spot!"

The map is actually directions to your party location and the "X" is the actual birthday party address...

Then crumble up the paper so your map looks old and mail it to your guest... You can even be creative with the envelope.

Fun Pirate Birthday Party Ideas - Treasure Map

Have some fun with your Pirate Party Invitation buy constructing another treasure map for a real treasure hidden somewhere at your party location.

Cut this map up into puzzle pieces (one for each child you're inviting).

Include a piece of the treasure map in the envelope and instruct your guests to bring their piece of the treasure map to the party.

When your guests arrive, have them put their puzzle pieces together, then they can all hunt for the treasure you've hidden...

Make sure you keep a copy of the map in case one of your guests doesn't show up.

For treasure, put some chocolate coins (always a big hit with our kids) in a box and hid them somewhere for your guests to find together with their map.

Fun Kid Pirate Costume

Your birthday child will love wearing a special pirate costume at their party.

*A Tip From Grandpa Mike

When I was a boy, one of my favorite Halloween costumes was a pirate costume.

You can find a head bandanna at your local thrift store, a colorful old shirt and grey stripped pants.

Cut the shirt sleeves to 3/4 length and fray the edge of the sleeves so they look worn... Cut the pant legs to 3/4 length and fray the edges so they look worn and "ship wrecked".

You can make an eye patch out of a small piece of black card stock or black cloth... Attach a black string or shoe lace to the eye patch and tie it around your child's head.

A wide black belt with a large buckle (you can make a buckle) can be cut to fit around your child's waist.

Fun Pirate Make-Up

You can complete your child's pirate look by putting black smudges on their face with an eyebrow pencil. Smear it around to look like a beard on a rough pirate face.

Fun Pirate Birthday Party Ideas - Decorations

Black, red, yellow, orange, blue and white are great pirate colors.

Use streamers and balloons to decorate your party area.

You can also pick up some pirate flags and make treasure maps and swords to put on the walls.

Fish nets, star fish and sea shells will help give yer party a sea goin' look.

Fun Pirate Birthday Party Ideas - Pirate Pinata

Imagine the fun when one of yer ship mates breaks open a pirate treasure chest pinata aaarrrh, an all kinds ah "treasures" fill yer pirate ships cabin. You can easily find online stores that feature pinatas for just about any party theme.

Fun Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

With these ideas to get your creative juices flowing, you'll be able to come up with lots more great ideas that will make your child's Pirate birthday party adventure a great success.

"Shiver me timbers, this be Captain Grandpa Mike sayin have a swashbucklin' fun Pirate birthday party, AAARRRH!"

Mike Dougherty has lots more fun pirate birthday party ideas waiting for you at where you'll discover just about everything you'll need for a successful fun kid birthday party.

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