Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is such a fun season. It is the costumes, the décor, and a fun evening of trick or treating. It is also a great season for parties. Here are some great ideas for hosting a Halloween Party that is spooky and fun.

Set the tone for your party with the invitations. If you are the crafty type then you can make your invitations. Cut out some orange card stock in the shape of pumpkins and decorate to look like jack-o-lanterns. Or cut out some grey or white card stock in the shape of ghosts. For both write the party details on one side. Make sure that you include where the party is, when it is, what time, and the RSVP information. Remind your guests to dress up in their Halloween costumes. 

Decorate the party area with the Halloween colors of orange and black. Hang balloons and streamers, along with spider webs and plastic spiders from the ceiling. A fog machine or buckets filled with water and dry ice can help to set the mood. Line the walkway to your home with carved jack-o-lanterns with a candle glowing within. 

Have some fun Halloween party games including bobbing for apples and pin the face on the pumpkin for your guests to play. A costume contest is always fun, especially when you award a prize to everyone. Have many different categories such as scariest costume, most original costume, funniest costume, etc. 

Send your guests home with a "trick or treat" bag filled with Halloween candy, stickers, pencil and other Halloween themed items. Your guests are sure to enjoy this Halloween Party.

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