Friday, July 1, 2011

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is the beginning of the first of 3 autumn through winter holidays. Halloween was originally celebrated as a day to honor the dead, held at the end of the Celtic year. The original name, Samhain, is now used to describe the autumnal equinox and harvest time in general. Many have forgotten the origins of Halloween and enjoy it entirely for the costumes and candy.

Over the years, Halloween decorating has become second only to Christmas. There are many cheap and fun ways to dress up the house that reflect the origins of the holiday and won't empty the pocketbook. The everlasting cheap pumpkin provides endless possibilities.

Pumpkins can be carved, painted or left plain and set about the house and yard. Kids love to carve their own pumpkins. The pumpkins could be complimented with smaller cheap gourds and dried Indian corn. A harvest display of dried corn stalks is a perfect backdrop for a Halloween display and with a few adjustments can work well all the way into Thanksgiving. These are great cheap lawn displays. If carefully stored, the corn, gourds and corn stalks can be saved and used again the next year.

One of the best ways to cheaply decorate a family home for Halloween is to enlist the creativity of children. A great, kid-friendly Halloween decorating idea is the old construction paper stand-by. Cut out silhouettes of witches, ghosts and bats from construction paper for a mobile or window decoration. Paper lunch sacks can be given faces, stuffed with straw and used as the head of a scarecrow. Cut scarecrow bodies out of cheap grocery store bags or other heavy paper. Clothing can be cut out of pre-colored paper and glued to the body. Scarecrows don't have to be scary to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Not many events can compare with the fun of a Halloween party, except perhaps the decorating. Cheap Black crepe streamers add an air of spookiness to any room. There are many styles of cheap fake cobwebs available that can be hung from chandeliers and across windows or even in trees outside. Spiders can be set on the cobwebs for added effect. Homemade headstones can be cheaply made and hung on walls and kids and parents can have fun writing creative epitaphs. Witches' hats are easy to make from construction paper.

Truly, the only limit to Halloween decorating is your imagination.

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