Thursday, July 7, 2011

50th Birthday Party Ideas - Four Fun and Fabulous Party Theme Ideas

Need a few good 50th birthday party ideas? This article offer a couple of unique and fun suggestions for party planning and creating a great 50th birthday bash!

50th Birthday Party Idea 1: The Grim Reaper

Looking for a little humor? The Grim Reaper party theme is a blast, especially if your birthday person just happens to have a birthday around Halloween or he would enjoy a fun custom party. A fun activity for this party is to have a "life review" where each guest shares a story about the birthday guest.

50th Birthday Party Idea 2: The Roast

Depending on the birthday guest's personality, this can either be a bit serious and soulful or wild and crazy. Prepare a nice dinner and invite guest to toast or roast the birthday man or woman. Again, your guests have the opportunity to share the life stories about the guest of honor, which is very meaningful and memorable.

50th Birthday Party Idea 3: The Tribute Dinner

This is a red carpet, glamorous type dinner-birthday party. Ask your guest to dress there best, such as cocktail or festive attire. Show photos or movie clips of events from the guest of honor's life. Old home movies, clips from newspapers or even short interviews with friends and family add to the excitement and entertainment of the evening.

50th Birthday Party Idea 4: Hobby Themed Costume Party

This theme is great because it can be personalized for a perfect fit. Does the birthday person have a special hobby? Are they a fanatic about a certain period in time? Whether it be cooking, model trains, sailing or even the Revolutionary War, any hobby or pastime can be used as a theme for a 50th birthday party. Have everyone dress in costume; add themed music and food, a few decoration and viola you are set!

A great keepsake to for the party is either a scrapbook or even a photo book. Both are easy to make, especially with online sites such as SmugMug or PhotoWorks.

The 50th birthday is a grand celebration and a once in a lifetime occurrence. So invite your closest friends and family and take this occasion to celebrate your successes, joys and adventures. You never know, your life story just might be the inspiration for someone else to jump starts their dreams and aspirations!

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