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Twilight - For Movie, Halloween and Birthday Party Ideas

The Timing is Perfect for Twilight Party Ideas.

With the movie DVD being released soon and with all of us dazzled fans waiting for news about New Moon...the second book in the Saga and the next movie to be made, this is going to be a very popular party theme. The Saga was written by Stephanie Meyer and it has four books in it. The third book is Eclipse and the fourth...and final book is Breaking Dawn. The story covers a couple years in the lives of Edward Cullen...a Vampire, and Bella Swan...his human soul mate. Not only is this Vampire romance Saga a really good read, it gives us lots of reasons to have a Twilight Party!

How Good a Story is It?

I've been in a Twilight Fog since I read the books. I picked the first one up and a week later I put the final novel down, still wishing there were more to read! I think about Edward and Bella most of the time, and every day I have a new favorite character because they are all so likeable! Yes, even Rosalie! It takes awhile, but fans even warm up to Rosalie once they hear her story.

Party Ideas?

Yes, there are so many parties you can use a Twilight party ideas with. The first one that comes to mind is a Movie Party. Since the movie is being released on DVD in March you can be the first one to have a party. Just get some red soda and put some red butter on your popcorn...and maybe drizzle some melted chocolate on it too..and you are set. Movie parties don't require too much prep since the theme is the movie. You can order pizza, serve some drinks and a dessert if you like, it's an easy party to host.

Halloween Parties are Perfect for Twilight Party Ideas...with the whole Vampire thing going on. Why not have a Vampire theme Halloween Bash or A Couples Costume Party? Invite your friends to come dressed as any kind of Vampire or as a famous Vampire Couple. Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle and Esme, and of course, Edward and Bella. But there are more couple ideas to think about. The Volturi Vamps from Italy are great for your gory minded friends, you know, the ones who like human blood sucking versions of Vampires, rather than the mild, animal blood drinking ones.

The Volturi couples costumes can use Jane and Alec, Felix and Demetri, Heidi and Aro, or Marcus and Caius as inspirations. Or the Volturi would make a great group costume idea and so would The Cullen Clan. How about going as the human residents of Forks? The werewolves are another couples costume idea. Go as Jacob and Leah or Sam and Emily. Breaking Dawn gives us loads of couple Vampire costume ideas...you remember all the friends of the Cullen's we were introduced in the final book of the Saga. If you are really into vicious Vampires there's always James and Victoria. There are Life Size stand up cut outs of Bella, Edward, James, Victoria and Laurent to use as decorations that will make an impression. In fact, they might freak some of your party guests out! Twinkle lights have to be part of the decorations or Alice will be so disappointed! Alice, the Cullen Family party planner, just loves to use twinkle lights at all her parties.

Birthdays are Another Great Reason to Use Twilight Party Ideas.

You know your tween or teenager, the one that has read the entire Saga, will just love this party theme and so will all their friends. You can even plan 16th birthday parties around Twilight. There are some very different color schemes you can use. Decorations can use the black and red book covers, or go light with lots of flowers and twinkle lights, like Bella and Edward's wedding reception. Vampires used to be dark and evil, but after reading about the Cullen's you can go with light and bright colors too.

Whatever party theme you use make sure to include some fun games when you're planning your party. Movie parties can always fit in a trivia contest. Make your questions about the movie and the characters. Birthday and Halloween parties can use trivia too...but there's other games you can include like: Twilight Charades, Outburst, A Vampire Dress Up Relay Race, and of course with Halloween, the Costume Contest! Whatever the reason for using Twilight party ideas, you and your friends are sure to have a good time!

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