Monday, June 27, 2011

8 Tips For Halloween Decoration

Halloween is a time to throw parties and celebrate the festive season. This is a time for theme parties and for the theme parties the decorations are very important. Here we will discuss some great ideas for Halloween decorations for both outdoors as well as indoors. These traditional decorations date back to the 1940s. One of the easiest and traditional decoration items are autumn leaves which can be real or fake, with corn stalks. One can easily get these corn stalks from the local farmers. Attach Jack o lanterns which are lit. Now attach these corn stalks to porch support beam or a light pole. One can even use shepherd hooks which are usually used to hold the summer flowers.
The most commonly used decoration item is the traditional Jack o lantern. One can arrange them in a line or put them upon porch railings. They can be also decorated along the driveway or the walkway. Some other traditional decoration items like the candles and dishes of alcohol can also be paced with them. To enhance the effect you can even use blue Halloween lights for a ghostly look. You can also cut out free hand shapes from black or orange colored construction papers and hang them on the windows and walls for a spooky effect. You can cut out silhouettes of witches, cats, elves, bats, pumpkins, owls, spiders, cauldrons, peaked hats or broom sticks. You can search the net for more interesting shapes. Take their print out and trace them on these construction papers. You can also make lamp shades out of paper and hang real lights in them.
You can also create decorative items from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables like apple, carrots and turnips can be cut into monstrous faces and they can be hung from the ceilings or used as a candle stand. Halloween goblins can also be created from these vegetables and fruits. To make the heads one can use the Jack o lantern and for the body one can use a small sized pumpkin to make the body. The hands and the legs can be made from the carrots. The body parts can be attached to each other with the help of wires. Any Halloween party is incomplete without the ghosts. Ghosts can be created by hanging the Jack o lantern from an upright post. The Jack o lantern will be the head. The post can be covered or draped with a white curtain. The sheet can be tucked or just left free to flow in the wind.You can ask all the guests to come dressed up as characters from famous ghost stories to make the environment creepier. One can also draw skulls on paper and cut them out. These can be painted in bright colors that will glow in light. Hang these from the ceilings. These skulls will be moving around the room and will look absolutely spooky.
Give spooky names to the food. The cherry lollipops can be known as Acid Pops or the blood flavored lollypops and the dessert sherbet balls can be transformed into fizzing whiz bees. The cupcakes can be decorated in the form of spider webs. Halloween is known for spooky and creepy parties. These decorative items will set the theme for the party. But there are certain things that must be kept in mind that there are no kids below three years of age who may actually get scared. The party must not be spooky to the extent that it seriously scares people.
Keep it light so that everybody has fun at your party.

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