Saturday, June 25, 2011

Halloween Decoration Ideas - 3 Ways to Make Your Party Truly Horrifying!

Planning a Halloween Party is a fun and exciting task but it can also be very difficult. Finding great Halloween decorations at an affordable price isn't always easy but it is possible. The key to planning a party on a budget is finding the essential decorations and getting the most bang for your buck.
Dollar stores are a great place to get amazing decorations for a relatively small amount of money. You don't necessarily need top-of-the-line decorations because they'll end up getting broken during the party or tossed in the garbage afterwards. So finding a great balance between decorations that have the appearance of a true haunted house and those that are affordable is key in your planning process.
Here are our tips for the top 3 best Halloween decoration ideas for the budget party planner:
1.    Spiders and webbing. Webbing is extremely affordable and can completely transform the look of a room. You can usually get a large amount of webbing for less than a dollar and the plastic spiders generally cost next to nothing to purchase. Cover your walls in webbing a toss a few creepy crawlers on top and you've got a good head start on the decorating process.
2.    Skulls and Skeletons. The number one accessory associated with Halloween, skulls and skeletons are an essential element in any great Halloween party. These decorations are available in plastic or rubber and can be hung from ceilings, used as centerpieces or spread sporadically around the room. Regardless of where you plan to put them, these decorative items are must-have for any great party.
3.    Glow Sticks. Glow sticks are a fun and effective way to spice up any Halloween party. Hand them out as prizes or leave a bunch on each table for your guests to pick up. Glow sticks come in the form of sticks, necklaces and bracelets and can be purchased online in bulk at extremely affordable prices.
Halloween is one of the best times of the year to get together with friends and have fun. If you've decided to plan the party yourself, we hope you'll take our opinions into consideration. We hope your party is truly successful. Until then, happy planning!

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