Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scary Halloween Decorations and Unique Gift Ideas

These special scary items will make your Halloween more fun. You can choose them to be the decoration as well as gifts to your friends. People will absolutely scared and happy with these unique products specially created for Halloween.

Horror Movie Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

Can you believe that your bath room had been a murder scene? The bloodstained evidence was left on your white bath mat and curtain. With this horror scene, everyone will be shocked when entering your bath room. But it's cool in Halloween festival, isn't it?

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

This is a perfect Halloween decoration as well as a great gift idea. It's a zombie's head jar that full of lovely cookies which looks like you what you eat is the zombie's brain. I think most children would love this special jar.

Gift Box Active Bloody Hand

If you want to try something more stimulating of your gift, a box of active bloody hand could do this. But you must make sure you can deal with any condition when the receiver opens the box. And also the one who doesn't have heart disease.

Ominous Visitor Shower Curtain

Install such kind of shower curtain in your bath room will create a lot of fun. It seems that always there's someone in your bath room preparing to kill you. I guess it could have great effect on your friends in the Halloween night.

Garden Zombie

If you hold a Halloween party in your garden, a few garden zombies will be perfect decoration. In the evening, you can add some light near the zombies which can absolutely scare your friends when they see them.

Sexy Halloween Costume

Have no ideas of dresses in the coming Halloween parties? Can you imagine sexy lingerie costumes appear in the parties? Sexy Halloween costumes provided online are crafted with special attention to details and quality, ensuring you to be the eye point of the parties. is your reliable online supplier of Halloween sexy lingerie costumes, where you can select a wide range of sexy lingeries in good quality and competitive price.

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