Thursday, June 30, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas

Are you planning to throw your very own Halloween party this November? Or are you helping out a friend or a neighbor for their Halloween party planning and other relevant needs? Efficient planning is vital to the success of your party. So, you may want to have a check list on hand to not overlook important matters regarding your preparations. Here are some Halloween party ideas that you can look into and you may find these very useful for your planning.

If you are planning a kids' party, it is important to prepare games for them. Games will make the party lively and not bore your guests. You can have games like who can eat the most number of gummy worms in 30 seconds or who can drink three glasses of tomato juice with the least time. You can even organize a treasure hunt. Hide all the clues around your house before everyone gets in the party so that you can take your time putting them partly hidden in your Halloween decorations. Other activities like face painting and making crafts or origami can also be prepared to make the kids busy.

One of the most popular among several Halloween party ideas is having your own Halloween costume contest for your guests and hand in prizes for the chosen winners. Aside from that, you can also have a game called "who's the scariest of them all", wherein you ask them to make the scariest face or pose they know and you take a photograph of it. After everyone has been photographed, you post all the pictures in wall and ask them to cast their votes in a piece of paper. After the party, you can proclaim the winners and hand on prizes. You can announce that the contest will be done every year so that each child can prepare for next year and they will all look forward to attending your party again.

For other crafts, you can prepare a "decorate your own Halloween cupcakes" activity. All you have to do is arrange edible materials that they will use as decorations. Buy some gummy worms, red candies and black candies, red and black icings and other stuff that are creepy to look at but very edible.

Among some of the Halloween party ideas that you may want to consider is letting the kids make the scariest dessert for the Halloween. With this activity, they can be very imaginative and creative. Provide them with fruits, candies, chocolates, melted dark chocolate, chocolate syrup, popsicle sticks, paper plates and icings.

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