Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ideas For your Spooktacular Halloween Theme Parties

This is the perfect time to chalk out a spooky plan for your Halloween theme party on this 31st October. Parties are always fun and when it comes to theme parties, then, it demands a lot of preparation. Try not to get spooked by lack of preparation.
Halloween theme parties are about apple- bobbing games, costume contests or pumpkin curving challenges. Trick and treats give out the real essence of Halloween theme parties. The party atmosphere must be eerie enough to spook your guests.
The party begins with the preparations. Involve your family and friends and see the magic. Just feel the party before the actual Halloween theme party. Invite all in this season of haunting and go for the right selection of theme, decoration apt for the theme, music, spooky food to make your Halloween theme party ho-rri-fic.
The weekend before Halloween is the right time to send invitations to your near and dear ones. Make all possible arrangements to create an eerie exciting atmosphere for your spooktacular event. Dimmers and wattage light bulbs are widely used for the semi dark effect. Try to give an abundant look to your home and for that you can put up some torn curtains. Cobwebs on your furniture is usually not appreciated but do not try to give your home a clean look before Halloween. Keep all the odd things in odd places. The objective is to make your guests uncomfortable. Never ever try to be a pleasing host in a Halloween theme party. Make yourself more and more scary.
Background music of Halloween theme party is very important. It is the sound that creates the atmosphere. Play eerie sounds of door creaks, screams or uncomfortable suspenseful music. The main attraction of Halloween theme party is the food. Add spooky flavor to the drinks and candies. Colorful ice cubes are good to give the blood curdling effect.
The themes can either be scary costume party or playing hide and seek in the dark. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the themes. Anything odd and scary can be the theme of Halloween theme party. Kids can play an interesting game. They have to identify the adults under the masks. The winners will be rewarded with Halloween spooky flowers.
You just need to have an innovative bend of mind to spook your guests in a new fashion every year. The popular costumes are of witches, ghosts, ghouls or demons. You can make a narrow dark entrance to give the eerie feel to your guests. One can even go for a buffet set up to enhance the decorating impact. But you must set your menu for Halloween party first. Food presentation must be interesting. Food decoration is equally important. Red eyed pumpkins can be made with cherries. Give your food items a grotesque look.
Who would like to miss the chance of playing with horror? So, dress up as scary as you can to give a shock to all in the coming Halloween theme party. Get busy in building witch's den and rock the party with your spooky ideas.

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