Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scary Halloween Party Ideas For an Eerie Event

Scary Halloween party ideas can sometimes be a challenging feat. The reason for this is that people are no longer scared or surprised by the things that they used to be. So much on television has reduced our sensitivity that many people will tell you that nothing surprises them and they are telling you the norm.

Aside from the usual set up of Halloween costumes, candles and dark hallways or rooms that exhibit a stuffed person hanging from the ceiling in the attempt to make a dungeon scene, what can you do to make a different and scary Halloween party? It's important to remember that scaring everyone at once is rather a difficult bit of work; however, scare one person at a time and you can change the atmosphere in a room or at a gathering by putting people on edge.

If you want to spend the time and the effort, you can set up some interesting things but you don't want people to think that "the game is afoot". You might get everyone off guard by saying you wanted a party, but just didn't have the time to decorate like you wanted. Or, you may have your party before Halloween or after so people aren't expecting anything. Then, you need to go to work making it all happen. Soliciting the help of a few friends can sometimes be very helpful, but don't make it to many.

Scary Halloween party ideas include having a séance, where you can rig the table or a disc that has music on it. Bring a cold draft into the room. Have the lights blink, dim or the power shut off for a few minutes. Turn it back on before someone investigates and finds human interference. The sudden scent of incense or cigarette tobacco, particularly in the house of a true non-smoking fanatic can make any body a believer because it goes against everything they know about you. The people that you have chosen to help you can show subtle shifts in character or look scared or promote the idea that something has been heard or seen, but it must be subtle. Movements that are picked up by the peripheral vision, but aren't happening when one looks directly at it can work wonderfully. Odd noises from the outside of the house work well. Use the help of a neighbor or teenage children that are not expected at the party.

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