Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have a Great Halloween - Superb Party Ideas!

Halloween is a holiday every child looks forwards to. It's a time for spooky dresses, witches, pumpkin heads and not to mention, cookies and candies! With every passing Halloween, the ideas for Halloween decoration, costumes, the games or the party become more and more stale. Here are a few good ideas to help you make this Halloween a lot more fun, laughter and spookiness.

Ideas for Decorating Your Home
Here are a few:

Spider Webs
Try adding a spider web (which will be easily available at stores selling Halloween products) to your Halloween decorations. There is another option. "Canned Cob Webs" are available in the market these days which will easily let you add layers of cobwebs to all your Halloween decorations.

Just like a Christmas tree, its time you put up a leafless creepy tree in your home, that will not only look beautiful buy also add to the "spook" factor.

Halloween Cloth
You can get hold of this at any shop selling Halloween products. These cloths are mostly used in theme parks with haunted attractions and are sure to give your home or room a scary deserted look.

Halloween Costumes

These will be available all over the market, a few days before Halloween. If you do not want to go for the conventional then try our Ideas.

The Nun and the Priest
Tired of dressing up like a devil!? Try dressing up like a priest or a nun, the ones who are just coming back from performing an exorcism.

The Zombie
If you are going to a Halloween party solo then you should consider getting yourself a creepy zombie dress. You can get hold of these dresses at any common Halloween shop, or better yet, make one for yourself.

The Witch and the Hag
These concepts have become old but are still very much interesting. We recommend that you create a dress for yourself. If you think you aren't that creative, then go ahead and take help from a friend. The ones available in the market are good but are pretty ordinary looking. They look funnier than spooky!

Halloween Games

Here are some great ideas for Halloween games to make sure that the party goes on until the break of light.

Ghost Stories
This is the oldest and the most popular ideas! After dinner and drinks, get your friends and family to sit around in a circle and start a round of ghost stories.

Hide the Pumpkin
This one is for the kids! Just pick up a number of pumpkins from the market, carve out a spooky head on each of them and hide them all around the house. Then ask the kids to go about finding each one of them. Keep a surprise reward for the kid who finds the most pumpkin heads.

Happy Halloween!

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