Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Adult Halloween party ideas are a great time to celebrate and have fun just for the sake of a good time. It's an excuse to get dressed up and do something different. Halloween makes a great costume party as well as a great dinner party.

Waldorf salad with walnuts and pomegranate seeds sprinkled on it is out of this world. The rest of the salad should be a variety of apples and grapes. Pumpkin soup is a really nice change for most people, especially when served in little pumpkins cut up for the occasion. Apple pie makes a great desert as well, and it is rare to find someone who dislikes apples. A large pumpkin makes a great soup tureen. Decorate you table with a black cloth and candles of deep fall colors. You can decorate the room in fall apparel very similar to thanksgiving with a bit of kid's Halloween magic mixed in.

Halloween is considered the Celtic New Year and the apple harvest. In ancient times it was thought that the veils between our world and the next became very close and we could connect with our lost loved ones. Having a psychic read the tarot or someone to read palms can be a good source of entertainment, as can a magic show or even hiring a hypnotist; all of which can make a fun filled evening unforgettable.

What you do depends on the size of the party, where you will be having it and what kind of tastes you and your guests have. Just like any other party, adult Halloween party themes are all about having fun and enjoying everyone's company while having a good time.

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  1. Very good Party Ideas for Adults . I can use them for my Easter party. Thanks for sharing.